Types Of Alternative Treatment For Drug Addiction

The Importance Of Alternative Treatment For Drug Addiction

Modern addiction rehab centers are recognizing the importance of alternative treatment for drug addiction. It allows for the whole body, physical, mental and spiritual to be treated at the same time. The combination of traditional and alternative treatment for drug addiction is proving to be highly successful.

Types Of Alternative Treatment For Drug Addiction

The inclusion of alternative treatment for drug addiction is having a positive impact on the recovery of those afflicted with addiction. There are numerous types of alternative therapies including art therapy, equine therapy, nutrition, biofeedback, yoga, meditation, exercise, and chiropractic.

Art – A variety of material projects qualify as art therapy. Patients often use mixed media of paints, pens, fabric, beads, sand, and other objects as part of their creation. Stress-reduction and self-expression often come through the creative aspects of art, and the creation process is therapeutic.

Nutrition – Poor nutrition can lead to biochemical imbalances that can increase a person’s susceptibility to addiction. Learning and applying good nutrition skills improves health and provides power to restore the minds of recovering addicts by supplying essential building blocks for depleted neurotransmitters.

Yoga – Aligning mind, body, and spirit is the philosophy of yoga. Achieving inner peace can relieve depression, anxiety, and stress. Addiction causes a person to disassociate from their body, and yoga reunites them through meditation, physical posture, and breath work.

Horticulture – Gardening has always been considered excellent therapy for people suffering from anxiety and depression. This therapy provides the individual with a care-giver role and a sense of purpose. There is a sense of accomplishment in the end result whether it is beautiful blooms or nutritious vegetables. Working in a garden builds self-esteem while reducing depression.

These and other alternative therapy forms are in use in conjunction with traditional rehab models at the top addiction treatment centers in the United States.

Alternative Addiction Treatments

Alternative addiction treatments are proving to be helpful to thousands. Music, dance, art, exercise, writing, biofeedback, chiropractic, and more are all therapies that help the person in recovery to express emotions and discover inner strengths. Better Addiction Care (BAC) is a free addiction treatment referral service. If you or someone you love is battling an addiction, a BAC rehab specialist can help you connect with an accredited treatment center that offers a full range of rehabilitative therapies including alternative options. Alternative-based therapies work alongside traditional treatment techniques as a complementary approach. Call BAC at 1.800.429.7690 for help getting your life or that of a loved one back on track. Addiction can be treated successfully, and its victims can recover to lead rewarding and successful lives.

Alternative Addiction Recovery Programs

A drug and alcohol rehab treatment center offering alternative addiction recovery programs in conjunction with traditional therapies may be your best choice if you are ready to regain control of your life. Using one or more alternative therapies to reduce stress, to unleash creativity, to express emotions, and to harness the power within you may be your key to recovery. It’s important to have a full repertoire of recovery tools at your disposal as you go through detox, rehab, therapy, and counseling. The top addiction treatment centers offer several alternative therapy programs to enhance and support traditional therapies and treatments. Let Better Addiction Care help you locate the best facility to treat your addiction.

Every day you wait is a day closer to a car accident, a lost job, a broken family, or a fatal overdose. Take back your life today, and make the important phone call that will put you in charge once again. The rehab specialists at Better Addiction Care at 1.800.429.7690 are waiting for your call.