What To Look For In LGBTQ And Gay-Friendly Drug Rehab

How To Choose A Gay-Friendly Drug Rehab

Addiction doesn’t play favorites. Everyone is afflicted equally, however members of the LGBTQ community may require an addiction treatment center that is knowledgeable about and sensitive to the issues gay, bi-sexual, or transgender individuals face. A gay friendly drug rehab assures everyone they are welcome and celebrated for who they are. Being in a relaxed comfort zone, free of judgment and criticism, is essential to the healing process for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons suffering with addiction.

Gay Friendly Drug Rehab

Addiction and drug abuse rates among the LGBT community seem to be higher than among heterosexuals and emphasize the need for gay friendly drug rehab. For many, the use of alcohol and/or drugs was initiated as an escape from homophobia, social stigma, and unhealthy shame or guilt related to an LGBT identity. A study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) concluded that approximately thirty-percent of transgender people are afflicted with substance abuse issues as compared to nine-percent of the general population. The report makes the following statement, “The stress that comes from daily battles with discrimination and stigma is a principal driver of these higher rates of substance use, as transgender people turn to tobacco, alcohol, prescription drugs, and other substances as a way to cope with these challenges.” Anxiety, depression, and oftentimes self-imposed isolation leads members of the LGBT community to self-medicate, which frequently leads to addiction.

LGBT Addiction Treatment

There are some specific reasons why the LGBT community suffers from high affliction rates including:

Any or all of these reasons can be contributing factors for a person to experiment with drugs. Unfortunately for many, experimentation leads to addiction. Some of these factors may also prevent individuals from seeking treatment, and when mental illness is involved the attached stigma is compounded. The disproportionate levels of stress addicted members of the LGBT community face contribute to depression and anxiety. For many individuals, this can mean a dual diagnosis. Finding the right facility offering specialized LGBT addiction treatment is essential to successful recovery. Better Addiction Care (BAC) is a free referral service. You can call 1.800.429.7690 to speak with a drug rehab specialist. They are aware of the special needs of the LGBT community and will be able to connect you with a treatment facility that offers specialized treatment to meet all your needs.

Drug Rehab For LGBT

Drug rehab for LGBT community members must address the physical and emotional needs that accompany homophobia and social stigma. Some LGBT individuals are subjected to staring, ridicule, verbal abuse, physical abuse, discrimination, hatred, and even fear. Unfortunately some of this still comes from family members and co-workers. This adds a layer of stress that heterosexuals do not have to deal with, and it applies greater pressure to find a “safe place” to hide. For far too many LGBT individuals, drugs and alcohol become the hiding place. This is why the right drug rehab for LGBT community members is so critical. A treatment facility must offer safety from homophobia and stigma.

You don’t have to take a chance with just any rehab facility. The compassionate and understanding rehab specialists at Better Addiction Care will locate a facility that provides doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, and addiction specialists who work with the LGBT community. Call them today at 1.800.429.7690 and take back your life.