Nutrition and Drug Addiction Recovery

Nutrition and Drug Addiction Recovery – What to Eat to Help with Recovery

Relapse is the number one concern for anyone leaving rehab, and with good reason; 40 to 60 percent of all addicts going through their first year of recovery have a relapse. The majority of these relapses are caused by people neglecting their relapse prevention strategy. Nutrition and drug addiction recovery is an important part of staying sober. But why is it important?

In this article, we will discuss the importance of nutrition in addiction recovery.

Dangers of Junk Food in Recovery

It may sound strange to think that what you eat can actually cause you to abuse drugs, but nutrition and drug addiction recovery go hand-in-hand. Junk food is filled with things that aren’t good for you such as hormones, preservatives, excessive sugar and artificial coloring.

An addict often has very poor eating habits. In the first few months of their recovery, their appetite will return. However, this can cause a person to overeat. The body needs time to properly heal in the early stages of recovery, and eating healthy is one of the best ways to achieve this. Healthy food can help to improve your metabolism, mental well-being and proper organ function. Healthy foods can also help to repair a damaged immune system.

The importance of nutrition in addiction recovery lie in the benefits of eating healthy; the happier and healthier a person is, the less chance there is that they will turn to alcohol or drugs again.

Nutrition and Drug Addiction Recovery: What Foods to Eat

What foods should you eat for good nutrition and drug addiction recovery? A person’s relapse prevention plan should include the types of food they should eat to improve their mental and physical health. They are as follows:

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