Common Signs Of Alcohol Abuse

Written by Chloe Nicosia

You Should Know These Common Signs Of Alcohol Abuse

Have friends or family expressed concern about your drinking habits? Are you asking yourself if you have an alcohol abuse problem? If this is your experience, it is likely you have an alcohol use disorder. If drinking is interfering in your personal relationships or your every day life, it’s time to do something about it before your life is ravaged by the devastating effects of alcohol.

Common Signs Of Alcohol Abuse

  • You frequently get drunk when you only mean to have two drinks.
  • You have tried to reduce the amount you drink, but you have not succeeded.
  • You have frequent hangovers.
  • You often think of having a drink when you are at work or at home.
  • You drink when you are alone.
  • You avoid going to functions where drinking is not allowed.
  • You drink even if it causes relationship problems.
  • You drink in spite of the fact it causes you to be depressed, and it is hurting your health.
  • You have withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia, headache, nausea, and rapid heartbeat when you don’t drink for a couple of days.

If you have experienced one or two of these common signs of alcohol abuse, you have an alcohol use disorder. The seriousness of the disorder is determined by the number of signs you have, but even a single issue is not good.

Common Signs Of Alcoholism

There are three stages of alcoholism, which includes early stage, chronic, and end-stage.

  • Early stage alcoholism includes binge drinking and bad hangovers. Outpatient treatment may be sufficient for this drinker.
  • Chronic alcoholism refers to the person who has one or more drinks every day. The common signs of alcoholism are showing up during this stage. Professional inpatient care is needed.
  • End-stage alcoholism refers to the person who is always drinking. He or she has lost their job, their family, and their money. Dangerous health and mental issues are present. This person may be dependent on others for housing and food, or he or she may be homeless. Hospitalization and inpatient care is needed for this person.

Better Addiction Care (BAC) offers a free referral service to connect those needing help with alcohol abuse with the best treatment facilities. If you or someone you know has experienced these common signs of alcoholism, call BAC and speak with a trained rehab specialist.

Common Signs Of Alcohol Addiction

Do you know the common signs of alcohol addiction? People afflicted with alcoholism will display some or all of the following indicators of a drinking problem:

  • The drinker will try to hide how often and how much he or she is drinking. He or she will also deny there is a problem, and they lie about how much they drink.
  • The drinker claims he or she needs a little alcohol to relax. He or she claims stress on the job, a bad relationship, or anxiety is the reason an “occasional” drink is needed. Alcohol is frequently used as a crutch.
  • The drinker who blacks out and loses track of whole periods of time is definitely in trouble. Blacking out isn’t fun, so what is the real reason behind drinking so much?
  • The person who can’t stop drinking as long as there is more alcohol available is out of control and has a serious problem.
  • The drinker who can’t quit drinking is afflicted with an alcohol addiction. If he or she really is concerned about the impact drinking is having, help is available. People suffering with alcoholism experience both physical dependence and psychological issues as a result.

Better Addiction Care wants to help you or your loved one shed the addiction to alcohol. Call 1.800.429.7690 and speak to an addiction rehab specialist. Don’t let alcohol rob you of a future successful and happy life.