How Do I Find the Best AA Meetings Near Me?

Written by Chloe Nicosia

Finding the Best AA Meetings Near Me and What to Expect

Alcohol is one of the most used substances in the world and is largely accepted in most societies; however, there is a dark side to alcohol that few know; it is ranked as the most dangerous drug in the world based on the effects it has on the individual and society as a whole. The effects that alcohol has on one’s physical and mental health, social life, and work related issues can be devastating. In order to help you or someone you care about, we will discuss the best AA meetings near me.

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Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has been a crucial part of alcohol addiction recovery since its inception in the 1930s. It welcomes members of all walks of life to share in the peer-learning experience and supportive environment. But before we talk about where to find AA meetings through the AA meeting finder on Better Addiction Care, we will first help you to understand exactly what goes into each of the meetings. It’s easy to have preconceived ideas of what meetings might be like based on movies, but in truth, no two meetings are the same.

What You Can Expect at an AA Meeting

Before we get to how to find the best AA meetings near me, it’s common to feel a bit scared of just what might happen behind the doors of an AA meeting. Some people may even be scared off by the notion that they will have to share their most intimate feelings the moment they get through the door because they are the new face among an established group.

If you’re wondering what to expect at some of the best AA meetings near me, then the following will outline what happens at an average meeting for a newcomer.

A Warm Welcome

Announcing yourself as a newcomer is encouraged at the best AA meetings near me because it will open you up to something that you may not expect: words of encouragement, eager helpers and even some hugs.

During the meeting you can announce that you’re new, and once the meeting is complete, you’ll likely find yourself being approached by other members who might offer you their phone number, or be there to answer any question you may have. Of course, you aren’t obligated to answer a call and you might not have any questions yet, but the idea is that senior members will reach out to any newcomer as a part of their recovery process and it’s nothing to be alarmed about. The last step in the 12-step program is to help new members so it should come as no surprise that you’ll find many eager hands.

A “Dark” Sense of Humor

At many of the best AA meetings near me, one of the things that newcomers might find strange is the joke that is common among AA groups: the lighthearted comparison of suicide attempts. Of course, suicide is no laughing matter – but making a joke out of it can help to break the ice and it does little harm since people are referring to the darker days of their past that they no longer associate themselves with.

An AA meeting is a place where judgement and shame can be left at the door. You might hear some members talking openly about wetting the bed, or a myriad of embarrassing experiences they had. There can be a feeling of release and joy found in sharing these kinds of things in a therapeutic space.

Rules and Member Respect

With so many people that want to share and contribute during an AA meeting, order has to be kept so that the meetings have a general structure – regardless of whether there is a professional mediator present or not.

One of the rules that is frequently enforced and held in high regard in AA is no crosstalk. Crosstalk is explained as any talking or actions that would interrupt a person who is expression themselves or giving advice to another member during a meeting. In general, this means that when a person is talking, no other member should “butt in”, even if they think they might have something constructive to add. Some members may be open to advise during their speaking time, while others just want to share a thought without interruption.

One, Two, Intimacy

An average AA meeting can go from moments of pure laughter to tissues being pulled out a few moments later. It’s not surprising that what’s being shared amongst the group is often highly emotionally-charged and can therefore go from a simple introduction to the sharing of deep emotional substance a second later.

As a new member, you can expect to have fast-tracked intimacy during the meetings – from just knowing someone’s name to knowing their most shameful experiences.

Where to Find AA Meetings

AA meetings are scattered across the country in nearly every imaginable location. However, it can still be difficult to track down the best AA meetings near me. Some may have a professional counselor or therapist who helps to mediate meetings whereas other meetings may be entirely run by members in the program.

However, alcohol detoxification is a major concern for someone just stopping alcohol abuse. As such, it’s important to get professional assistance in dealing with the symptoms as they can be life-threatening and excruciating to deal with. This can be done at an alcohol detox center, after which an AA program can be started safely.

In order to see the options in your area, Better Addiction Care can provide you with a comprehensive AA meeting list as well as rehabs that provide detox programs in your area. To see what is available in your area, simply do the following:

  • Click on the menu button located on the upper-left corner of the screen.
  • Click on the “Select a State” drop down menu.
  • Click on the state you want to find alcohol detox programs and an AA meeting list.
  • Select a city.
  • Click on any of the filter options located on the left-hand side of the screen to help you narrow your search down.
  • Peruse the listed rehabs – many of which have AA meetings.

With the AA meeting finder and rehab locater on Better Addiction Care, you can find addiction treatment right on your doorstep. Alternatively, call them at (800) 429-7690 to speak to someone who can assist you in your search.