Top 5 Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Massachusetts

Written by Chloe Nicosia

Our Picks for the Top 5 Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Massachusetts

One of the biggest myths that are still present today is the belief that substance abuse is caused by a poor moral compass and not enough self-control. However, substance use disorder is classified as a mental disorder in the DSM-5, which is the standard manual for classifying mental disorders in the United States. As with any mental disorder that has a strong negative influence on a person’s wellbeing, treatment is crucial. With so many rehabs to choose from, how can you tell which ones offer the most comprehensive and effective treatments? In this article, we will discuss the top 5 drug rehabilitation centers in Massachusetts.









But before we go down our list of top destinations for addiction treatment, our picks are based on the principals of effective treatment. This set of principals comes from an important government institution that focuses on substance abuse in America – the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Along with these principals, we also took into account how people responded to the rehabs after being treated.

Massachusetts as a Treatment Destination

The Bay State is perhaps most famous for its rich colonial history and being one of the first colonies to be established in the United States. The beautiful region is home to some 7 million people and a popular tourist destination. As a rehabilitation destination, it is ideal – especially when amongst the rolling hills and trees come autumn.

Whether you are a local looking for drug rehabilitation centers in Massachusetts, or are considering it for out-of-state treatment, Massachusetts addiction treatment centers can assist you with all of your treatment needs. The following are our top rehab picks for the state in no particular order.

Swift River

Nestled between rolling hills with lush forests, Swift River is one of the Massachusetts addiction treatment centers that combines the beauty of nature and the activities that can be enjoyed there with high-quality care. Upon arrival, it resembles a luxurious retreat more than a rehab center – one where you can unwind and let go off all of your problems.

Swift River has several addiction treatment programs to help those afflicted by addiction. They include the following:

  • Evidence-based treatment programs
  • Inpatient programs
  • Long-tern residential care
  • Short-term residential care
  • Clinical assessments
  • Medically-supervised detox
  • Psychosocial therapy
  • Medication-assisted therapy (MAT)
  • Adventure therapy
  • Dual diagnosis
  • Family therapy

Swift River primarily focuses on treatment adults who need help with addiction.

Location: 151 South Street, Cummington, Massachusetts 01026

For more details about the Swift River, click here, or call (800) 429-7690 to speak to a representative at Better Addiction Care.

swift river rehab

Spring Hill Recovery Center (Sunspire)

Another one of the notable drug rehabilitation centers in Massachusetts is the Spring Hill Recover Center. The effectiveness of a rehab center that is located in a therapeutic environment, such as the beautiful surroundings at Spring Hill, is combined with world-class treatment at this rehab facility. Its rustic feel welcomes recovering addicts to feel at home.

This luxury rehab center has all of the amenities that one would want in such a retreat, such as a fitness and computer center. They are equipped to provide the following forms of treatment and programs:

  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Partial hospitalization programs
  • Long-term residential treatment
  • Short-term residential treatment
  • Medical detox
  • Dual diagnosis
  • Alternative treatment programs such as yoga, equine therapy and art therapy
  • Adventure-based therapy

Adults and seniors can find addiction treatment help at Spring Hill and they accommodate for the LGBT community.

Location: 250 Spring Hill Road, Ashby, Massachusetts 01431

If you would like to learn more about Spring Hill, then please callĀ (800) 429-7690 or you can click here to read more.

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Banyan made it onto our list due to its excellent outpatient treatment programs. Located in Wilmington, it is one of the drug rehabilitation centers in Massachusetts that can help those that have limitations in their scheduling that an outpatient program can work around.

The Banyan drug rehab programs in Massachusetts include the following services:

  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Outpatient treatment programs
  • Medically-assisted detox in an outpatient setting
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Medication-assisted therapy

Banyan accepts most health insurance plans and is able to tend to the needs of adults who need help with addiction treatment.

Location: 66 K Concord Street, Wilmington, Massachusetts 01887

Call (800) 429-7690 now to get more information about the Banyan drug rehab programs in Massachusetts, or alternatively, click here to read more.

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Recovery Centers of America

The Danvers Recovery Centers of America location is a stunning facility that resembles a 5-star hotel. It is one of the drug rehabilitation centers in Massachusetts that offers inpatient care for those who have substance use disorder.

With their team of master-level doctors, therapists and clinicians, they are able to treat even the most severe addiction to drugs such as heroin, cocaine, alcohol and many more. 24-7 support is provided for patients to ensure that their wellbeing during recovery is a priority.

At the Recovery Centers of America Danvers location, one can find the following types of treatment programs:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Various treatment methods such as cognitive-behavioral and dialectal therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Family therapy
  • Alternative therapy
  • Psychiatric care
  • Short-term residential care
  • Long-term residential care

The adult care provided at Recovery Centers of America is among the best of the Massachusetts addiction treatment centers.

Location: 75 Lindall St, Danvers, Massachusetts 00501

To find out more about this rehab, call (800) 429-7690 or click here to continue reading about the facility.

recovery centers of america danvers

Clean Slate

Clean Slate is a rehab that puts all of their focus on providing treatment solutions for people that have become addicted to opioids or alcohol. They have several locations across Massachusetts that is staffed by clinicians and therapists that can assist people with medication-assisted therapy and behavioral therapy.

The programs that Clean Slate offers at all of their locations in Massachusetts include the following:

  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Individualized treatment programs
  • Medication-assisted therapy (MAT)
  • Intervention programs
  • Computerized treatment

Locations include:

83 South Street, Ware, Massachusetts 01082;

411 Chandler Street, Worcester, Massachusetts 01602;

133 Maple Street, Springfield, Massachusetts 01105;

280 Union Street, Lynn, Massachusetts 01901

If you would like to find out about Clean Slate’s opioid and alcohol treatment programs, please call (800) 429-7690.

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