Are 6 Month Rehab Facilities Worth the Time and Effort?            

6 Month Rehab Facilities and the Importance of Long Term Drug Treatment Centers

Generally speaking, when we talk about how to choose from the the best substance abuse treatment centers, we’re talking about 30 to 90 day inpatient treatment programs, of all the long term drug treatment centers, these are the most commonly sought ought. However, that does not make them the only form of treatment centers. In fact, for those with very serious, long term addictions, these treatment centers may not be long  enough to truly give them the time needed to fully recover from their drug addiction. This is especially true when you consider that for many long term barbiturate, opiate, and alcohol addicts, the grip of addiction can be an extremely tight one. In these cases 6 month rehab facilities may be a more effective treatment option.

What Makes 6 Month Rehab Facilities Helpful for Intense Addictions?

We’ve touched on the impact inpatient treatment can have before, but for many the benefits offered by inpatient treatment can be life saving. By removing patients from their natural environment, in which recovering addicts are generally surrounded by familiar triggers and situations that can induce cravings, patients are able to focus more clearly on their recovery, strengthening their recovery goals, new coping mechanisms, and healthy habits. 6 month rehab facilities take these benefits to an entirely new level, offering patients half of an entire year to work on the foundations of their recovery before returning to their homes, and their old “stomping grounds”.

The Benefits of Long Term Drug Treatment Centers

When you’re trying to figure out how to choose from the the best substance abuse treatment centers, you generally want to start with the question “what is it that you need to recover successfully?”. For many, that answer can be as simple as a detox program, or as complex as a dual diagnosis treatment center, but whether or not you want to go to a detox program or one of the many 6 month rehab facilities, it is important to make sure that the facilities will make you feel comfortable in order to facilitate a successful treatment process.

There are multiple ways to measure whether or not these long term treatment centers are the best substance abuse treatment centers for your needs, but the best way, that we’ve found, is to call and speak to a representative from the treatment center. This gives you the chance to voice your needs and concerns, in order to find out whether or not the treatment center can meet your goals. This is YOUR recovery, so your needs are paramount to your success.

Putting It All Together

While long term drug treatment centers and 6 month rehab facilities have their benefits, the ultimate choice falls on the recovering addict. These days treatment centers are extremely flexible, offering a seemingly infinite number of different treatment programs, treatment methods, and treatment options. The only way to truly sort out what will and won’t work for you, is to ask questions. Ask as many questions as possible, and do not just ask potential treatment centers questions, ask yourself questions as well. You will find it extremely hard to find the perfect rehab facility if you do not know what you want to get out of treatment, what you want to do after treatment, and what you need to get sober. Understanding your own needs is crucial to starting a successful recovery. Once you have an idea of what you need, or what you want for yourself, then you can start asking treatment centers questions like are you jcaho accredited? How long are your treatment programs? What is your treatment centers success rate? Do you specialize in Dual Diagnosis treatment? Your recovery process begins with that first step to better understand yourself.

If you are ready to take that first step towards sobriety, if you’re sick and tired of the exhaustion and misery of addiction, then get in touch with us by calling 1-800-429-7690.

Whether you’re interested in 6 month rehab facilities, simple medical detoxes, or long term drug treatment centers, we will help walk you through how to choose from the the best substance abuse treatment centers, and ultimately, how to get sober. Take that first step, take back control of your own life and give sobriety a try today. You have nothing to lose, and a world of possibilities to gain.

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