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AA Meetings in South Lake Tahoe, California

To start healing from your addiction to alcohol, inpatient rehab with highly trained medical and counseling personnel is likely the best option for your needs. After graduating from customized rehab, however, you will need ongoing support from others if you are to have the best chance of staying sober. At Better Addiction Care, we have helped many people in South Lake Tahoe, CA, to get both the professional rehab treatment that is right for them, as well as the best follow-up solution for ongoing sobriety. Many find that they get the best follow-up care through South Lake Tahoe AA meetings.

How AA Fits In to Treatment

Accountability through Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is an integral part of the drug rehab treatment for many recovering alcoholics. The distinctive structure of AA helps explain why this is the case. Through regular AA meetings, South Lake Tahoe recovering alcoholics are able to meet others who are in the similar shoes as they may be. This helps remind them that they are not alone in recovery, and by meeting with these other addicts, they give and receive help when they are thinking about taking a drink. AA also provides incentives for staying sober by marking the time since a drink was last consumed and by providing occasions for recovering addicts to celebrate with one another.

Some people have found that South Lake Tahoe AA meetings are not the best option for their ongoing addiction recovery support needs. There are a variety of reasons for this. Some men and women do not like the structure of the program. Others find the schedule inconvenient. It is therefore possible that you or your loved one will be better helped by a program other than AA. If that is the case, we and the centers we represent can also assist you. We want you to get effective follow-up so that you will have a successful and sober life, and we understand that finding a custom program for follow-up is part of the responsibility that rehab centers have to their patients.

Getting Help from Better Addiction Care

At Better Addiction Care, we not only provide pre-screening to help you get admitted to rehab quickly, but we also offer follow-up care that can assist you in finding South Lake Tahoe AA meetings and other solutions for life after rehab that may help avoid an addiction relapse. The centers in our recovery network are staffed by highly trained medical personnel who will make you more comfortable during detox and keep you safe as you wean off alcohol. Addiction counseling in both group and individual format will strengthen your foundation for ongoing recovery after treatment. We are standing by to assist you in finding a rehab center that will match you with post-care AA meetings. South Lake Tahoe residents who call today or fill out our contact form will get the professional assistance they need for their addiction.

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We strongly recommend that anyone attending a meeting first contact the location and confirm all Meeting information (day, time, location) before attending.

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