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AA Meetings in Whittier, California

From college students to senior citizens, adult alcoholism affects thousands of people in Whittier and the rest of Los Angeles County. If you or someone you love has come to terms with an alcohol problem, then congratulations are in order. Getting help in an inpatient rehab program can do a lot to help you overcome your addiction and learn how to live an alcohol-free life. After rehabilitation, however, you will need ongoing assistance to help you stay on the path of sobriety. This is where attending AA meetings in Whittier can most likely help you.

Is Alcoholics Anonymous Right for You?

Your battle with addiction to alcohol will be lifelong, as many studies have shown. You'll need all of the help you can get to stay clean and sober, and participating in Alcoholics Anonymous after rehab is one of the best ways to stay off of alcohol. By going to AA meetings, Whittier residents like you can find a support group of other recovering alcoholics who know what it is like to be tempted to drink and who are willing to hold each other accountable so that a relapse into drunkenness does not occur. At these meetings, you will also be encouraged to trust in a power greater than yourself in order to stay sober. Many people find that relying on assistance from other people and from a higher power helps them find recovery success when it has eluded them elsewhere.

If AA Is Not for You

Not everyone finds that Alcoholics Anonymous is right for them. Some of the reasons why a person might want an option other than AA include:

  • A reluctance to rely on a higher power for help
  • A preference for a recovery program that is sectarian and aligns more with one's specific religious beliefs
  • Inconvenient AA meeting times
  • A desire for more private assistance

If any of these reasons resonate with you or there is another explanation for why you do not want to attend AA meetings in Whittier, all is not lost. The counselors in our recovery network can match you with non-12-step ongoing recovery options, and our recovery team can also assist you in finding post-rehab individual and group support nationwide.

Getting Help Today

Before attending AA meetings, Whittier residents who want to beat alcoholism should complete a customized rehab program. Under medical supervision in these programs, recovering alcoholics receive care that minimizes withdrawal symptoms to keep them safe and comfortable, then get to the root of their addiction and learn coping skills with the help of highly trained counselors. We have helped many people in Whittier find the professional help that they need to get sober. Call today or fill out our contact form so that we can help you find inpatient care and post-rehab support groups near you.

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