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AA Meetings in Winfield, Illinois

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women that share a common desire to stop drinking, and support others alongside them to recover from their alcoholism. The majority of the time, AA meetings will be devoted to an open sharing session, in which those that attend the meetings discuss any personal issues, worries, and concerns. There are a total of 2 AA meetings in Winfield, Illinois, including Fri Nite Beginniers Steps 1-2-3 and Saturday Nite (New Cafeteria). Attending AA meetings have been proven to work for millions of alcoholics looking to recover from their alcoholism. In addition, there are drug and alcohol treatment centers in Winfield and Illinois. AA membership is open to those who want to recover from their alcoholism once and for all.

Fri Nite Beginniers Steps 1-2-3

Central DuPage Hosp - Behavioral Servcies
08:00 PM

Saturday Nite (New Cafeteria)

Central DuPage Hosp
08:30 PM
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