Lorazepam Withdrawal

lorazepam withdrawal

When attempting to get sober, addicts who experience lorazepam withdrawal symptoms can consider them to be unbearable. Physical and psychiatric symptoms associated with detoxing from this potent benzodiazepine, however, can be allayed with the help of the skilled doctors and medical staff found in our recovery network. Both short- and long-term withdrawal symptoms can be addressed through the development of customized treatment plans. BetterAddictionCare specializes in providing exceptional rehab and aftercare resources for addicts who want to get help and leave benzodiazepine abuse in the past. Take our pre-assessment to find out which rehabs near you are accepting new patients and can help you end the chapter of addiction in your life.

Sources of discomfort during withdrawal from lorazepam can include nausea, stomach pain, sweating, shaking, and insomnia. Some users attempting to taper off of the drug can experience clammy skin and rapid heartbeat. Psychological symptoms, like irritability and restlessness, may engender feelings that mirror loss of control. While withdrawing may not be completely comfortable, medical professionals can implement customized treatment plans that can reduce stress as addicts move past drug dependency. Users who have ingested this drug with other depressant substances, like alcohol or sedatives, may require specialized care while detoxing.

Long-term users may experience especially challenging lorazepam withdrawal symptoms. Since their bodies and brains have become accustomed to high and regular doses of the drug, a sudden cessation of ingestion may shock the system and lead to seizures. For this reason, it is important to begin addiction recovery by looking for a qualified team that can supervise a medically-assisted detox. Addicts who fear for their health may want to find a recovery center that offers immediate admissions. Use BetterAddictionCare’s nationwide network to find the right inpatient treatment center and call today to speak with a counselor who can coordinate your transportation and private insurance paperwork.

BetterAddictionCare understands that successfully breaking free from a benzodiazepine dependency can require unwavering commitment and a skilled team of addiction counseling professionals for support. While a gradual tapering off of the drug may be undergone while in inpatient rehab, severe cases may require immediate admission into a facility for a faster withdrawal from lorazepam. Some individuals may be prescribed additional drugs like melatonin or Paxil to ease the side effects of a sudden withdrawal. Allow the dedicated and compassionate physicians in our recovery network to guide you through the process of detoxing. Call today to speak with a counselor who can research your private insurance policy and coordinate transportation services to take you from your home to a reputable rehab.

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