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Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Find out what alcohol addiction treatment options are available

If you or someone you love is struggling with alcoholism, entering an alcohol addiction treatment center can provide you with the best chance for long term recovery. Trying to overcome an addiction to alcohol on your own can be difficult and even dangerous, depending on how far your alcoholism has progressed. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms such as hallucinations and DTs can pose a significant, life-threatening risk for you and others. The chances of relapsing are also much greater when you try to sober without help, because you may lack the coping skills and strategies to stave off cravings. Through the use of medications and proven therapies, alcohol addiction treatment centers can give you the support and tools you need to achieve long term recovery from alcoholism.

Types of alcohol treatment

There are several types of alcohol treatment that can be used to help you overcome your addiction. Which types of alcohol treatment are right for your alcohol problems will depend on the severity of your alcoholism, the length of time you have been abusing alcohol, and whether you have any co-occurring mental or substance abuse issues you need to address.

Medically assisted alcohol addiction treatment

When alcoholism has been ongoing for a long time, suddenly quitting alcohol use can cause alcohol withdrawal symptoms that are severe enough to be life-threatening. In these cases, alcoholism treatment centers may provide medications to avoid going through the worst alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Medications can also be administered that can help you stop or reduce alcohol use and help prevent relapse. The FDA has approved three medications for treating alcoholism:

  • Naltrexone reduces the craving for alcohol
  • Acamprosate restores chemical balance and makes it easier to maintain abstinence
  • Disulfiram helps prevent alcohol use by causing unpleasant symptoms such as nausea and flushing of the skin when alcohol is taken with the drug

Behavioral therapy and rehab for alcohol addiction

Along with medications for alcohol addiction, behavioral therapy is necessary to teach relapse prevention strategies that will reduce the chance of future alcohol abuse. The alcohol addiction rehab center you choose will probably use a combination of behavioral therapy, peer support groups, and other strategies to curtail your addiction. The primary types of behavioral therapies for alcohol addiction include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on the triggers and situations that lead to drinking. Here you will learn how to recognize and avoid your triggers for drinking alcohol, and gain the coping skills that will help you manage everyday situations without relapsing
  • Marital and family therapy addresses the family dynamics that can contribute to drinking. With the participation of your family and/or spouse, you will work on rebuilding the trust and relationships that may have been damaged by your drinking
  • Group therapy with other individuals recovering from alcohol addiction gives you access to the viewpoints and insights gained by others in your situation giving you the freedom to address issues and receive personalized feedback and support from your peers.

Alcohol addiction treatment aftercare

Once you complete the more acute stage of alcohol addiction treatment, aftercare treatment will help you keep from relapsing. Alcohol aftercare treatment can take place in a variety of ways, including through weekly therapy sessions or attendance at twelve-step peer support groups. Some individuals may do best staying in a sober living community for aftercare, so they can learn daily living skills and receive ongoing support.

Alcoholism treatment centers

Alcoholism treatment centers can provide treatment on an inpatient or outpatient basis. If you choose an outpatient alcohol rehab treatment program, you can live at home while attending an intense schedule of therapy sessions at the treatment center. If you have a severe addiction to alcohol or have endured a long struggle with alcoholism your best choice may be to enter an inpatient alcoholism rehab program. With inpatient alcohol rehab, you reside at a facility where the entire focus is on your recovery. These immersive rehab programs generally include medical detox, intensive therapy sessions, nutritional support, and alternative therapies to help you overcome your addiction.

If you would like some help choosing the right alcohol addiction treatment options to overcome your alcoholism, the caring specialists at BetterAddictionCare.com can help with your search. Call 1-800-429-7690 today, we can assess your needs and help you find the best alcohol addiction treatment center to help you achieve long term recovery.





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