Alcohol Effects on the Nervous System

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Alcohol abuse affects the body in many ways, but perhaps none of the effects are as severe as its impact on the nervous system. The deaths and injuries that abusers of alcohol suffer are a direct result of the effect of alcohol on the nervous system, and those who quit abusing alcohol drastically reduce the likelihood of experiencing these negative effects. Educate yourself on how alcohol impacts your central nervous system and it will be clear why you should get help if you are an alcoholic. Then, contact BetterAddictionCare to find assistance near you.

The Depressant Effects of Alcohol

Alcohol is classified as a depressant because of the way it slows down the ways we react. When consumed in low levels, the body has time to respond so that reflexes are not drastically slowed, but drink too much and the effects of alcohol on the nervous system become pronounced. Your natural inhibitions will be reduced, and your reaction time will be altered. The chief reason why people get into car accidents after they have had too much to drink is because while drinkers are under the influence of alcohol, they cannot respond as quickly to problems on the road as they should.

Alcohol and the Nervous System

How does alcohol affect the nervous system specifically? For one, the abuse of alcohol can cause significant damage to your nerve cells. This can result in confused pain receptors, producing a condition called neuropathy. Those who suffer from this condition will suffer from pain and burning in their extremities.

Other effects of alcohol on the nervous system directly impact psychological and emotional health. Because alcohol affects the production and transfer of neurotransmitters, many alcoholics go through periods of depression or experience the natural lows of human life in a deeper, more emotionally trying manner. Suicide rates are higher in alcoholics than in others. Abuse alcohol long enough and at high enough quantities and you may end up with alcoholic dementia. The effect of alcohol on the nervous system when it comes to emotional and psychological health can be tremendous, making it imperative that you seek addiction counseling before you endure permanent impairment.

Treatment for Alcoholism

How does alcohol affect the nervous system? The answer is clear: Alcohol affects the nervous system in a multitude of negative ways. Before alcohol destroys your life or the life of a loved one, get help beating addiction through one of the many traditional or alternative rehab programs in our recovery network. We will work with your private insurance to get you the most cost-effective care, so call today or fill out our contact form to get into a professional addiction recovery program.

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