Top 7 Alcoholism Symptoms

Common Alcoholism Symptoms

It seems many people know of someone who is an alcoholic, or at least exhibits alcoholism symptoms. Since alcohol is a legal substance in the United States it is commonly found in many locations, at events, and a at a myriad of other settings. While you must be at least twenty-one years of age to imbibe legally, many of those under the legal age seem to enjoy drinking as well.

If you are concerned that you or someone you care about has crossed the line from social drinker to full blown alcoholic, call Better Addiction Care at (800) 429-7690 to review your treatment options.

 Top 7 Alcoholism Symptoms

  1. Drinking to “feel better” or to “relax.” Many people who suffer from addiction issues abuse substances for emotional reasons. Stress and depression are major causes (even though alcohol is a depressant and will only serve to deepen your depression in the long run). Self-medication is risky business, however, because it only provides temporary relief. Using substances as a crutch will lead you down an ugly road.
  2. Lying or hiding your drinking. When you hide things from other people, it is generally because you know it is something you should not be doing. Denial is big problem with addicts. The first step is admitting that you have a problem. Lying to others about how much you actually drink should be a warning sign for you. I was very guilty of this. Pre-gaming before the pre-game was my thing.
  3. No control over how much you drink; once you start drinking you cannot stop. For me, once I have a drink, it is game over. No one will be able to tell me when to stop. One drink can lead me down a nasty spiral of bad and reckless behavior. Unfortunately, like other addicts, I cannot have just one drink.
  4. Experiencing blackouts regularly. If you drink so much that you cannot remember what happened, and this occurs frequently, you have a serious problem. This is not normal. When someone has to recap the previous evening to you – this should be a red flag. The most embarrassing thing is when your friend took video footage of the night before.
  5. Neglecting your responsibilities. Have you been missing classes or work? Or used “sick days” as hangover recovery days? You need to take a hard look in the mirror. You may ultimately ruin everything you have worked your entire life for. Alcohol is no longer fun for you – it is something you struggle with.
  6. Tolerating more alcohol than you used to be able to. If your tolerance has built to the point where you are not getting drunk off your usual amount – this is a sign of alcoholism. Your body is now able to cope better with the high amounts of alcohol.
  7. Inability to quit. Have you ever told yourself that you no longer want to drink? Have you found that your promise did not last? You already know your drinking is a problem, so do something about it. Physical symptoms of alcoholism are not pleasant. Seek help immediately.

Many people are suffering from functional alcoholic symptoms and other people do not get wise to them for some time. Addicts are stealthy and we make sure no one will find out about our little secret or what we are up to.

Functional alcoholic symptoms are similar to alcoholism symptoms except that the person is able to function in their lives. Remember though that alcoholism will catch up to you. Your body can only take so much. Do not let the physical symptoms of alcoholism stop you from seeking help.

If you or a loved one are suffering from the physical symptoms of alcoholism, please get the help you need. Do not wait to seek help for your alcoholism symptoms as they will only get worse.





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