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Ambien Abuse

Ambien (zolpidem) is a sleep aid prescribed for a short period, usually up to four weeks. While it can be less addictive than some alternative medications, there is still a risk of addiction to Ambien. Drug abuse always has serious consequences, but help and support are available through BetterAddictionCare. We can help you find the addiction counseling and treatment center that works best for you. Ambien abuse becomes more dangerous as time passes, so don't wait: Connecting with addiction counseling might save a life.

There are a few significant reasons why a person might abuse Ambien. They may feel after four weeks that they can't sleep without using Ambien, so they seek out other ways to obtain the medication. The abuse of Ambien can also happen as a result of an unusual reaction to the drug that causes a feeling of elation. Ambien is supposed to create a sleepy effect, but not everyone reacts this way. Some may abuse the drug because they seek that elated feeling.

Besides strong side effects that can lead to dangerous situations, there are many reasons to be cautious when using Ambien. The drug is so potent that the FDA recommended lowering the dosage. A lack of sleep can affect every area of life, but so can Ambien abuse. A person's work and relationships may become strained as they seek the drug and develop an obsessive need to feel its effects. Ambien drug abuse can occur by way of crushing or snorting the medication, an action that elevates the risk of addiction. Ambien is very dangerous when combined with other substances, especially other depressants such as alcohol; the result can be death from asphyxiation. The abuse of Ambien also is linked to suicide and suicidal thoughts.

An Ambien addiction can remain hidden for some time, but the dangers will increase as time passes. Seeking treatment for Ambien addiction can save pain, money, and your long-term health. You don't need to battle addiction alone or wait until things get worse.

The recovery process is very personal, and you deserve the treatment option that will help you succeed and get sober. It can be difficult to determine which option is the best for you, but BetterAddictionCare can connect you with an accredited program in our recovery network that will create a customized, cost-effective plan for you. If you or someone you care about is struggling with Ambien addiction, you don't have to go it alone. Call today to speak with a compassionate client care specialist. We will help you start healing at a safe, comfortable addiction recovery program.

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