What Is Black Tar Heroin?

Black tar heroin is a form of heroin that is named for the appearance that it takes on. This is due to the crude methods of processing used to create it that leave it in a sticky or hard form as opposed to the purer powder form.

What does black tar heroin look like? Despite the name’s implications, it can actually come in a variety of colors, such as dark orange or brown. Even so, the quality of the product is just as bad as its name implies.

If you are curious as to how the effects and side effects of black tar heroin and how this drug can affect you or someone you care about, Better Addiction Care has made this quick guide to the substance. With it, we hope to better inform the public about the potential dangers of use. Our team regularly provides resources such as this, and we are proud to have been of service to those seeking addiction treatment for years.

Black Tar Heroin Effects

The effects of black tar heroin, in many ways, are similar to what users would expect to get from their standard heroin high. However, there are some variations to expect, given the low quality of the product.

The typical “rush” from heroin that users experience is actually a sense of euphoria that occurs as the drug rapidly enters the bloodstream and brain. It binds itself to the opioid receptors and gives a pleasurable feeling. This is usually accompanied by some or all of the typical physical effects of using that heroin users immediately experience from use, including warm skin, a dry mouth, and drowsiness.

The issues arise when one realizes that not only is pure heroin quite dangerous to use, but when you couple this with the low-quality and poorly crafted nature of black tar heroin, it can be even more dangerous.

Our heroin addiction treatment resource providers have worked closely with people suffering from addictions to traditional heroin and the black tar variant of the drug. In doing this, we have noticed a difference between the two and their dangers. 

The Dangers of Using Heroin of This Kind

Every heroin addiction treatment center can attest to the dangers of using even the purest forms of the substance. Not only are both types of heroin addictive, but the chances for overdose far outweigh the benefits of a brief high that is experienced by users. With black tar heroin, which has many strange compounds mixed in, you have a recipe for disaster when you’re using it.

Users of this crude brand of heroin will experience a higher chance of narrowing and hardening veins. There is a risk of a much higher level of toxicity depending on what other substances are mixed in. Plus, there is a threat of highly deadly bacterial infections and many additional issues.

These are not reasons to choose pure heroin over black tar heroin, as both can be life-threatening and have a very high risk of addiction. Instead, these are reasons to consider treatment for heroin addiction from a team of professionals who can ensure your recovery is completed and sobriety is reached. Finding the right team to release you from the dangers of heroin use can be very difficult, but the team at Better Addiction Care is here to help. 

Find Treatment in Your Area With Our Drug Rehab Directory and Other Resources

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Our team can provide helpful information, including methods of contact and analysis of different opportunities for insurance for addiction treatment, for rehabilitation centers all across the country. This is done with our free national directory of drug and alcohol abuse treatment facilities.

If you want to read more insights such as this, be sure to take a look at some of our other addiction treatment articles. These cover topics that can help someone, regardless of the point they are at in their recovery journey.

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