How to Tell if You’re Married to an Addict

There is no scenario for why an addict can’t love you. However, there is something to be said about the strain and complications of life that can come from being married to an addict. This fact has led many to worry and wonder about the possibility of themselves being in a spousal relationship with an addict. They might be worried about the longevity of their relationship or if they have kids, the possible damages that can be done to these children.

Have you wondered, “Is my husband an alcoholic?” or “Is my wife addicted to drugs?” Do you now want insight that can help lead you to a conclusion? If so, then this guide can help you. The team at Better Addiction Care specializes in connecting people to national drug abuse treatment centers. Below we present what signs to keep an eye out for in your spouse.


Are You the Spouse of an Addict?

Noticing the signs of pill addiction, cocaine dependency, alcoholism, and many other forms of addiction is difficult if someone is not willing to accept the possibility of addiction. This goes doubly so when trying to assess if you are married to an addict. Marriage is a decision to spend the rest of your life in a relationship with a certain person. Addicts’ lies and relationships, unfortunately, have a habit of mixing together if there is an issue with substance abuse.

If you believe that your wife or husband lies about drinking or substance abuse, keep an eye out for the following potential signs:

  • There is a noticeable change in finances and money  – This can be that money is missing in moments when it was clearly not used for its original intention. 
  • Noticing a change in your spouse’s mood and behavior – Often, this is one of the tell-tale signs of a secret addiction happening right under your roof. 
  • A sense of secrecy or knowledge of blatant lying – This is a sign of many different marital issues, and your spouse having an addiction is likely one of them. 
  • A loss of interest in you, your love life, or your children –  Addicts often find themselves preoccupied with matters relating to their need to use. Due to this, other commitments frequently fall by the wayside.
  • Increased trouble at work or school –  Your spouse having new issues with work or school performance and attendance is often a sign that addiction may need to be addressed. 

Being married to an addict is troubling for a number of different reasons. There are instances where you may feel as though the entire marriage is at risk. When you factor in the possibility that you have children together, it can be scarier than ever to consider this possibility. Luckily, there is a blueprint to follow if you have confirmed that your spouse is indeed abusing alcohol or drugs.


What to Do if You’re Living With an Addict

If your concern about the possibility of being married to an addict has come around and your suspicions were found to be true, then it is time to act before the issues get worse. Addictions may become even more deep-rooted, and it’s important to quickly act if you are also concerned about the possibility of your children being affected.

The first step is to confront your spouse with an intervention. Lay out that you not only know what is going on but also tell how you’ve discovered their substance abuse issue. During the intervention, it’s important to also explain what your concerns are because of it.

If the intervention is successful, then it is time to start planning the road to recovery with you and your spouse. It is accepted that addiction issues are a family affair. Being included in some small way in your spouse’s personal journey can go a long way.

The immediate steps following the intervention and planning should be to consider which drug and alcohol treatment centers in your area can function as the perfect place for them to get on the road to recovery. If you’re having trouble with this phase, that is where Better Addiction Care is here to help.


Finding the Right Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment in Your Area

Are you married to an addict, or are you a sufferer of substance abuse yourself? Do you want to know what the next steps on your road to recovery should be? Are you having trouble finding the right location to be the center for your sobriety journey? If so, then be sure to make use of the free resources offered by Better Addiction Care.

Our free resources include a free online national directory of drug and alcohol abuse treatment facilities. This tool will help connect you to the perfect location for your sobriety journey. It is sure to be just what you need to get to know the treatment options in your area better.

If you are interested in more insights from professionals who help connect substance abuse sufferers to their treatment, be sure to read some of the other articles. These can be found on our national drug abuse treatment blog.

What if you have questions regarding how these free addiction resources can help you become a healthier, happier, and sober version of yourself? Then give our team a call. When you do, you can have any questions and abuse and recovery answered by professionals with years of experience. 


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