10 Sober Activities To Do This Spring

Sober Activities To Keep You On Track

Keeping busy is a great benefit when it comes to staying sober, and there are plenty of sober activities to engage in outdoors, once spring arrives. Activities that provides physical and mental exercise are especially good for your recovery and sober living.

10 Sober Activities To Do This Spring

If you enjoy participating in group sports, most cities offer community teams you can join, such as softball, basketball, and soccer teams. Larger cities may offer more team activities, such as hockey, flag football, and water polo. Other sober activities include the following:

  1. Walking or hiking are great exercise and can be done alone or with others.
  2. Cycling is another wonderful outdoor exercise that can be a single or group activity.
  3. Kayaking, canoeing, and other boating activities are relaxing, put you in a natural environment, and expose you to negative ions that create a sense of well-being.
  4. Join a gym, and make a commitment to use your membership at least 3 times a week.
  5. Yoga is practiced both indoors and outdoors, and you can take a class, do it with friends, or alone. Many people keep a yoga mat in the bedroom and begin their day with meditation and exercise.
  6. Explore your talents and take a class in art, music, dance, acting, pottery, or another creative outlet.
  7. Get involved in doing volunteer work. There are many organizations that need help including veterans homes.
  8. Visit state and national parks in your area, and learn about their history. The natural beauty and fresh air is wonderful for emotional healing.
  9. Buy a digital camera, and start taking photos of your home town. Incorporate them into a blog about where you live. Blogging is a great evening and bad weather activity.
  10. Start a journal about your recovery experience. Be sure to express exactly how you felt on good days and bad days. Your journal is a great tool to read and examine your progress.

Sober Activities For Couples

It’s important to have fun activities to do with your significant other that contribute to your recovery. In the spring, summer, and fall months, there are dozens of sober activities for couples that are fun and healthy.

  • Golf is a healthy activity for mind and body. It stimulates the brain, increases blood flow to the heart, reduces stress, and contributes to weight loss. If regular golf is too expensive, miniature golf is also a great activity for couples.
  • Visit spring and summer festivals, county fairs, carnivals, art, music concerts, craft shows, and other special events that happen in your state.
  • Head for the beach if you are near the ocean or for your favorite lake if you live inland. Swimming, boating, fishing, or just laying in the sun make the perfect day for a couple. Bring along a picnic lunch, and enjoy a stress-free day.
  • Explore the area where you live. Visit museums, art galleries, historic points of interest, parks, and other places your state is famous for.
  • Go hiking, and take pictures of your home town, state, birds, wildlife, scenics, and places of interest. Compare and share the images you take.

Things To Do Instead Of Drinking At Night

Nights, especially weekends, are social times for most adults. It’s important to establish some enjoyable things to do instead of drinking at night. Choose activities where nothing triggers a temptation or craving to use alcohol or drugs.

  • Game nights are mentally stimulating and can be great fun for couples or several people. Choose from old traditional games such as Scrabble or Monopoly, or the popular modern games of Game of Thrones or Cards Against Humanity. If electronic games are more your style, there are dozens of popular ones to choose from, and it’s okay to get a little competitive.
  • Host a movie night with a popular release on DVD. Have pizza, popcorn, sodas, chips, and other snacks to offer your guests.
  • Alone activities for evenings include reading, learning a new language, writing a blog on your experiences, listening to music, painting, crafts, starting a new hobby, learning an instrument, or taking a walk in the cool evening air.

Getting sober doesn’t have to be an isolated and lonely experience. Contact Better Addiction Care (BAC) at 1.800.429.7690 and discuss your addiction problem with a specialist. BAC is a free referral service that will connect you to an addiction facility that will help you recover your life and stay sober.




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