The Effect That Addicted Parents Have on Young Children

Substance abuse and parenting are two concepts that seem to have no correlation with each other. That is until you find yourself in a situation where you have your own dependency issues while also being the parent of a child. There are so many issues to be aware of if you are or know parents with addiction issues. Addicted parents could be setting up their children for a harder youth and eventual adulthood if they do not get the care they need.

Better Addiction Care has helped countless parents and children of addicted parents get over their issues with substance abuse. We have done this through our free resources because we understand that parenting and childhood are made more difficult due to addiction. Our team has gathered our knowledge, and here we present our insight into the dangers of being an addicted parent and what can happen if you get clean here.


Issues With Having Drug-Addicted Parents

If you or someone you know is an addict and has a child, then it is completely reasonable to be curious and worried. You might have concerns about what having an addicted parent can do for the mind and experience of youth during childhood. Children may feel neglected by their parents as a result of addictions. They may feel as though their parent is choosing to take part in their substance abuse rather than spend time with them.

When this neglect is felt by a child, especially a young child who cannot grasp the concept of addiction yet, it can prove to be extremely detrimental to them and their psyche. There is also the issue of abuse that should be covered whenever neglect from one’s addicted parents is discussed. Unfortunately, abuse can befall a child who is parented by someone addicted to stronger drugs that have more manic side effects. These issues all play a role in the mental health of the child during their youth and continue into their adulthood.

Addicted parents should also take note that children are sponges for information and behavior. When children are surrounded by substance abuse at a young age, they could become used to the site and begin to build a curiosity due to it. Getting into recovery and making use of a national drug abuse treatment program finder can get you connected to the right people for your recovery. Being a parent after having kicked addiction is a completely different lifestyle and experience to look forward to. 


Changes in Parenting After Addiction Treatment

After becoming sober, it is completely normal for formally addicted parents to see their previous time while dependent on substances as a learning experience. Knowing that your addiction could have also turned you into the parents of addicts is a stiff wake-up call.

Without illicit vices, more attention can be paid to children at the individual level. This can also serve as a point from where you and your children could learn from past mistakes and look toward a brighter future.

A great learning and reflection experience for you and your child, once they get old enough to naturally process the information, is to be open and honest about your past addiction. They could see the inspiration in you, knowing that change is possible no matter how far down the well of addiction or suffering you are.

It is important to go about the recovery process the right way to ensure that all experiences surrounding it are pleasant. Use the resources available to you for free online to connect with the proper team in your area. Compare services and programs offered by each location until you land on the perfect one. 


Drug Addiction Treatment in Your Area

If you or someone you know has the tendencies of addicted parents and you are growing concerned for the wellbeing of the parent or the child, then be sure to get yourself or them the necessary help. Our team is prepared to answer any questions posed and answers all questions honestly. Reach out to us today to see for yourself.

If you are interested in finding a location near you or a loved one that could serve as your base of operations during the recovery journey, then please take a look at our free online national directory of drug and alcohol abuse treatment facilities. Get connected to your future caretakers now.

Are you interested in more insights from our team of professionals in the addiction treatment field? Be sure to read some of our other articles to learn more about all things related to addiction and its treatment. 


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