The Effects of Cocaine

Cocaine is a powdered white substance that has highly addictive qualities and potentially dangerous repercussions of continued use over great periods of time. Users of cocaine who did not know what they were signing up for are what has caused many people to develop dependencies on the substance. You need to understand the long-term effects of cocaine and how long it can take your body to overcome the presence of the substance in your body and brain. That’s why the team at Better Addiction Care is here to help.

Our experts have years of experience in connecting addicts to the proper centers for drug addiction treatment. We know how difficult it can be to kick these habits and avoid these consequences. In this guide to the effects of cocaine, you will learn how the body and mind are negatively affected by the continued use of the substance. You will also learn how long it will take for you to overcome these negative effects.

Cocaine Effects on the Brain and Body

There are many immediate cocaine side effects that users can experience over the course of a few days. Some effects even occur in the immediate moments following consumption of the drug. All effects are worth keeping an eye out for if you or someone you know is an active user. Some of the effects of cocaine that users may experience include:

  • Experiencing a deviated septum. This is relatively common among users and is typically found in those who snort powdered cocaine to the point of causing damage to their sinuses.
  • The risk of strokes and seizures can rise with time. Other neurological issues can also start to come to the surface with continued and constant use. 
  • Heart damage and damage to other areas of the cardiovascular system are incredibly common among users. These effects of cocaine use can put someone at a higher risk of having a heart attack.
  • Respiratory issues can result from cocaine damaging parts of the pulmonary system. At the least, this can lead to difficulty breathing, but at worst, it can cause respiratory failure.

These risks to users who regularly consume cocaine only get more likely over time. This is due to increased tolerance, which is common with users of the substance being abused. These individuals are known to develop higher tolerances over time and require more of the narcotic to get the same effect. The effects of cocaine can be horrible to one’s health and well-being, both mentally and physically. How long after kicking the habit can someone expect to still have the substance in their system?

How Long Does Cocaine Last in Your system?

The effects of cocaine that users seek are famously fast-acting. These effects are known to not last too long after cocaine use has been finished for the session. Even so, the actual substance can still be present in a user’s system for much longer. Long after cocaine effects have worn off, a user will still have trace amounts of the narcotic present in their bodily systems for the next few days. In their blood, this is typically 2 or 3 days. However, if they are heavier users, this can remain in their system for weeks at a time.

Though this is alarming, it only gets worse if someone needs drug testing for a litany of reasons. Cocaine can show up in a person’s hair or urine tests for much longer than many would guess. It is possible to find its presence months or even years after the user last used the substance. It is clear that this substance can cause irreversible damage to not only the mind but the body. This also indicates it has the potential to ruin employment opportunities or even have penal repercussions.

The best way to ensure that your mind, body, employment status, and penal repercussions stay at a point that you are comfortable with is to get the proper help for your addiction with a team in your area that you trust. Finding these specialists can be difficult if you do not have the proper resources at your disposal. That’s where Better Addiction Care comes in to help!

Find the National Drug Abuse Treatment You Need 

Are you worried about the potential long-term effects of cocaine use? Do you want to beat your addiction to the substance with the help of a team of drug abuse experts but do not know where to start? If so, be sure to make use of the free online national directory of drug and alcohol abuse treatment facilities. Get on the path toward health, happiness, and sobriety today.

Our team offers many free resources for addicts in need. One such resource is our substance abuse treatment blog. It is intended to get people the help they need with their dependencies from professionals in the field.

Give our team a call today to learn more about our resources. We can also connect you to a team that will help you beat your addiction and start off the next chapter of your life in a sober fashion. 

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