What Is a Drug Mule?

Ever since rules and regulations regarding narcotics were put in place by governments, there have been people who work their way around borders and restrictions through the illegal smuggling of drugs. This has been done in many ways and for a variety of reasons. One of the most startling methods used by organized drug smuggling groups is the drug mule. A drug mule is a dangerous and inhuman approach to an already illegal activity.

In this article, our team will examine what it means to mule drugs and what dangers those involved in the practice face. The team at Better Addiction Care has years of experience as a provider of free resources for those seeking help with their substance abuse through drug addiction treatment facilities and programs in their area. As professionals in the field, we know the cost that comes when people smuggle drugs in this fashion. 

People Smuggling Drugs

As stated before, there are many ways that organizations specializing in the transportation of illicit substances move narcotics across the United States, as well as into other countries, and using a drug mule is one of the most popular. Drug mules are people who carry illegal narcotics on their person and transport the drugs to other areas by air, land, and water.

How do they do it? The answers vary from the slick to the inhumane. Some organizations engaged in the use of drug mules will opt to simply hide the substances somewhere hard to see on the person’s clothing. Others use methods such as the swallowing and eventual regurgitation of drugs to be even more secretive about the transportation. The practices that involve the actual ingestion of the substances can lead to horrifying results for the mule, both in terms of their freedom and their safety.

Pregnant female drug mules are often employed for this sort of smuggling, as it is assumed that security at airports or border crossings will not be as thorough while searching a mother-to-be.

The safety and security of the mules seem to be of no concern to these organizations or the users who eventually consume the product. It could be due to poor coverage of the issue, lack of sympathy, or both in some cases.


The Dangers Drug Mules Face

Being a drug mule is not an easy job. It comes with a typical low-pay and a high-risk situation. This is common among those exploited by drug smuggling organizations who place a low value on individual human life. As police, border agents, and airport security teams learn more with each passing year on how to spot a drug mule, the risk of being noticed and apprehended has only gone up. This often lands someone who was very low on the ladder in prison for crimes they were committing for people who paid them little mind.

When the ingestion of drugs by a drug mule occurs, many different incidents can take place. This can spell disaster for the person who is unfortunate enough to find themselves in their current position. Many drug mule deaths are caused by this form of smuggling, as baggies that are swallowed often break. When a pregnant female drug mule does this, both she and the child can die. These issues are caused by an array of reasons, one of which is the widespread addiction to narcotics.

Getting addicts the help they need can put a dent into the system that causes so much suffering or at least remove that individual from the deadly chain. 


Find National Drug Abuse Treatment Facilities

If you or someone you know is in need of assistance with finding the right location for narcotic or alcohol dependencies, then be sure to use the free resources offered by Better Addiction Care. We specialize in helping those in need of professional intervention. Our online national directory of drug and alcohol abuse treatment facilities offers the opportunity to weigh options and find the right location in your area for rehabilitation.

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