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About Treatment Center

Located in Bakersfield, California, AEGIS Medical Systems Inc offers treatment for Addiction, Alcohol Abuse and Drug Abuse. Our dedicated team of addiction specialists aim to provide the highest standard of care and attention to our patients. Beginning with an initial assessment of the patient, we are able to build a connection with the patient and foster a trusting relationship. This, in turn, helps us to identify the best possible methods to implement within the customized treatment plans that we provide to our patients.With the right treatment plan in place, our patients can achieve all of their goals. With the guidance and support of our dedicated staff, our patients’ chances for a successful recovery are optimized to the highest degree. We accept Most Insurances as well as many other insurances. We aim to show addicts how to live the life that they’ve always wanted – one that is filled with happiness, peace, and fulfillment. The only way to achieve this life, however, is to abstain from substance abuse.

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  • Addiction
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Drug Abuse
  • Drug Addiction
  • Intervention center
  • Medical Detox
  • Substance Abuse

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American Express, Cash or self-payment, Check, Mastercard, Visa.

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  • Most Insurances

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Google Reviews

It keeps people off of other street drugs like heroin painkiller and if you're serious again these medications or off all the street drugs just let us know we're here to help you insurance cash accepted and another epidemic we're trying to stop and we'll working on right now stopping the speed use because a lot of people becoming positive and methamphetamines and that's not good cuz that possible aching drain the methadone out of your system causing your body going to opiate withdrawal syndrome

Joshua Teague, 4 months ago

Most of the staff is awesome and really down to Eatth, others need their teeth kicked in. But all in all, if you want to stop using opiates, are serious about getting off drugs and have medi-cal, you can get 100% FREE treatment, including 1hr counseling sessions per week. Stop waking up "dope-sick" and hustling to make money for drugs, enough is enough. They have 2 locations now in Bakersfield one is on 21st and N and the other is on Columbus right across the parking lot from 711. Stay well, get clean, and commit!

Empty Eyes, 8 months ago

I have.been clean for. approximately 4 years!! That would not have happened if it wasn't for Aegis and the counselor that they assigned me(River)!! I'm so grateful to everyone at this place! !!

Tammy Sousa, 1 year ago

It can be very hard to get off of. Make sure you learn everything about it before getting on😨

Richard Jimenez, 1 year ago

I was a pain pill addict for 8 years. I started off taking vicodin (hydrocodone) as prescribed, but I really liked the euphoric affects it gave me. One a day became 2, then 2 became 4, and by the time it was all said and done, I was taking 15 hydrocodone 5/500 daily. If I had 7/750, then it was 8 a day; Darvocet 6.5/650 was 8 a day (until it was taken off the market); Oxycodone (Oxycontin) 4-6 a day. I was married at the time and my wife just had hernia surgery. I took her prescription and filled it "for her" (Oxycodone, but I don't recall the mgs. per tablet, but she had a qty. of 30). She was ok for a few days so she didn't take anything but Tylenol. After about 10 days she was hurting and decided to take one. I had taken ALL 30 of HER pills because of my addiction (NO REAL HUSBAND WOULD HAVE DONE THAT BECAUSE HE WOULD HAVE PUT HIS WIFE'S NEEDS ABOVE HIS OWN). I finally had enough and searched the Internet "Stop using pain pills now". There was an article about a clinic called Aegis Medical Services that could help with opiate addiction. I called and spoke with the clinic's manager for about an hour and was 85% sure I should go. That Monday I went, got a decent check-up while there, and I've been there on and off for 4 years. People bad-mouth these types of clinics, but I'm thankful for them because now I'm not asking my 16 year-old son (who is now 21) to find me some pain pills. I was fiending (pronounced feening) and knocking on doors whenever I was out. Asking strangers on the streets if they knew where I could get vicodin. I couldn't work because I couldn't pass a drug test. I actually got denied a $20 an hour job changing filters on an oil rig in the Santa Monica area because I was taking vicodin that I didn't have a prescription for. Going to Aegis, I can hold down a steady job and I don't have to ask my son, strangers, or anyone else if they know where I can get vicodin just so I can function. When I feel the time is right, I will GRADUALLY begin a tapering process to get off of it completely and have my life back 100%. I'm only at 28 mgs. and it helps me just fine. Best wishes to anyone who wants off opiates. By the way, DO NOT do the 21 day detox program for $21. It has a 0% success rate. Perhaps try the maintenance management. You will have a much better chance of recovery.

MrJwtaylor40, 1 year ago

If you are serious about getting clean and really work the program the way it's intended... Then it works great.. Really helps people with counseling sessions and support groups...again it works if you want it bad enough.. Just like with anything...gotta want to change in order to be successful at changing.

Ashley Brown, 2 years ago

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