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NA Meetings in Brentwood, California

There are many benefits for addicts who choose to share at NA meetings, since sharing is a great way to relieve pent-up stress and tension that one may be experiencing at that time. Narcotics Anonymous is a self-supporting fellowship of men and women for whom drug abuse has become a major problem. There are a total of 1 NA meetings in Brentwood, California, including Resurrectiion Minsteries. Attending NA meetings have been proven to work for millions of addicts looking to recover from their drug addictions. NA meetings are also a great way for addicts to network with other clean and sober friends, along with helping to maintain their own addiction recovery. In addition, there are drug and alcohol treatment centers in Brentwood and California. Membership at NA is open to anyone who wants to stay clean and sober for their lifetime.

Resurrectiion Minsteries

Vintage Recovery Group Discussion/Participation, Speaker
07:30 PM
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