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  • 1211 Puerta Del Sol, Suite 200, San Clemente California, 92673
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About Treatment Center

Sovereign Health is a national behavioral healthcare system accredited by the Joint Commission and offers high-quality and comprehensive detox, addiction/dual-diagnosis and mental-health residential, partial-hospitalization, intensive outpatient and outpatient treatment programs. We provide specialized treatment including: Nutritionally Assisted Detox, a holistic recovery program; trauma program for adult women; eating disorders program for adolescent and adult women; and a chronic pain recovery program. We also serve adolescent boys and girls with dual diagnosis, mental health and other behavioral health issues. With national treatment locations, our programs specialize in addressing underlying mental health conditions by utilizing innovative and cutting-edge cognitive testing, rehabilitation techniques, and evidence-based treatment modalities. Treatment elements include thorough assessments, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, individual and group therapy, and experiential therapies. Visit to learn more.
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  • Accreditation: JCAHO

Rehab Center Details

  • Detox Program
  • Medication-Assisted Detox
  • Opiate Drug Detox
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  • Addiction
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Drug Abuse
  • Drug Addiction
  • Intervention center
  • Medical Detox
  • Substance Abuse

Treatment Options

  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Long-term residential
  • Short-term residential


  • Adolescents
  • Adults


  • Lesbian gay bisexual or transgender (LGBT)

Areas of Specialization

  • Medical Detox
  • Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)
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Payment Methods

American Express, Cash or self-payment, Check, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, Wire.

Accepted Insurances

  • Aetna
  • Anthem
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • ComPsych
  • Coventry
  • Empire BlueCross
  • Health Net
  • Holman Group
  • Humana
  • Interplan
  • LifeSynch
  • Magellan Behavioral Health
  • MHN
  • Most Out-of-Network
  • Most PPO Insurances
  • Multiplan
  • Optum
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • ValueOptions
  • WellPoint

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Google Reviews

My son was admitted at Sovereign Health San Clemente November 2016 through January 2017. I had to pull him out of college bc he was psychotic and not attending the classes. I flew him to California and it was the best thing I had ever done. He has a dual diagnosis. The people at Sovereign Health were very informative. Special THANKS to CASEY the case manager. He helped us through the process even assisting to writing letters to his college he was attending so he would receive medical withdrawal. Even assisted with tests so he would get on the correct medication so he could function with life.My son is doing very well. He is working and planning to go back to College this summer....Thank you Sovereign Health for what you do......

Beth Hassey, 28 days ago

I learnt about Sovereign when I was in a psych ward in West Covina. I love Sovereign because it had the dual diagnosis center as well in the house so I could be properly analyzed to see what program I would be best fit for. I love that I was close to the beach really peaceful and calm and it has a lot of the good activities that I like yoga and of course relationship groups and the art therapy the meditation groups. My first impression was I was really nervous because there was a lot of people but then I saw my housemates and I realized I was a lot like them and I was really excited that I could relate to people and that I had of the same. I remember sitting with my roommate actually on our little balcony or patio area and we sat and talked about why we are both were here and it was almost the exact same story and it was really nice and comforting to be around people that have the same experiences as you do. The residence that I am staying in is I think the best. I am at Cordoba it is a state licensed house and it is the best house. We have this remarkable people, breathtaking, serene, peaceful every word in the dictionary for beautiful view of the ocean on all sides At first I was very reluctant to have a male therapist because of my abuse history that I am so utterly grateful for Sovereign paring me up and not forcing me to stay with my male therapist but kind of pushing me to work through my issues and stay with him. He has turned out to be the best therapist I had ever had in entire life and I have been in therapy since I was five and he has brought so much out of me that no other therapist has been able to. Group therapy is really awesome. I love starting out and you start off like RCT groups and it is more like in depth and really intense groups. A typical day is you wake up typically around 6 am or I typically wake up at 6 am and usually get ready. You leave your house about 8 o clock you get to go to the beach where you would do morning meditation. Then you start groups at 9:30 and you have groups from 9:30 to 11:30 and then you have lunch which is pretty good and then you have groups then again until I would say 4:30 and then you get to go home and you get to relax and have netflix and you all sorts of cool stuffs at the house to do and books and puzzles and anything to keep you busy and you get to destress with your housemates or further process what happened in your day and build relationships and you know really connect with you housemates and other girls here. The thing that I like most about Sovereign is that it has literally saved my life. I have been suicidal since I was 14 to the point where everyday it has been a fight to just stay alive every day. I have attempted suicides more times than I can count and I have been in and out of psych wards pretty every six months since I was 14 in and out of programs since I was 14 and Sovereign Health has been the only program that has actually seemed to help. I haven’t been suicidal and I would say about the last two months I had not had once suicidal thought but the regimen with the medicine with the therapy with the neurofeedback they are doing the TMS machine that they have me on I have been doing great and it has been wonderful. It is life saving.

Kathleen Tucker, 1 month ago

I am from the East Coast and I was in a treatment hospital for a week and my case manager there Bob had mentioned a couple of places and this happened to be one of them and it happened to be in California so that was my obvious choice. Location had a big part to do with it. I went on website and looked you know advertising on the beach I knew it was going to be mountains for the first two months but that was a great experience as well I am glad I was able to see both . Well my therapist Chris was excellent he was right here and that’s where I did most of my venting .He really is a good person and he listens to me and he doesn’t just direct you what to do and you should be doing, he hears you like you are a person and gives you opportunity to explain yourself he is great. I think that it is a pretty well structured program.The house manager and I had issues ,he actually helped me out a lot towards the end he is a tough guy and he is going to give it to you straightforward but you know this is probably why I respect this program about honesty and I think that you can win over anybody as long as you hold certain qualities. You need to be open to program you need to sit there attentively and listen as much as you can. I understand that a lot of people come in here and they are detoxing from certain drugs and they are having some adjustment and it is a huge. it is a really hard thing to adjust to because you are changing your whole life and it does get better. You got to just hang on to your seat and just work at program you know make sure that you are here for a reason because you are addicted to drugs you have eating disorder you have some mental issues and you know they can all be addressed and even if you are not getting what you want the groups can address that to the therapist and they will cater to you as much as they can.

Robert Briggs, 3 months ago

When we found out that our daughter was finally ready to go into rehab I contacted my insurance company and we got online and did a search for facilities and came across this one. We made an inquiry online and within 20 minutes we have someone that was contacting us giving us all the information that we needed and was making all of the arrangements for us which was extremely helpful considering we never dealt with this before. So it was nice that we were able to put that responsibility in somebody’s hands and they were able to make the arrangements that we needed. We have been trying to get our daughter to treatment for a very long time and it was something that she was against doing and she finally had just decided that she was ready to do it and we jumped on that opportunity and got her here as quick as we could. I didn’t have any expectations of the program because I have never dealt with this before. I didn’t know what to expect so I just knew that anything was better than nothing that if she was ready to seek help that there were professionals out there that could help her do that and from the first contact that I had realized that people had been in her shoes before and those were people that we were putting her care into and if anybody was going to understand what she had dealt with and had been dealing with it was going to be those individuals. I learned that communication is a key that you have to be willing to put yourself out there and talk about things that maybe aren’t the most comfortable topics to talk about so that you can move forward and create better bonds than it is in an ongoing process not only for the addict but for the family of the addict as well and you have to learn to set boundaries for both of you that you can’t control of change the other person you can only control and change yourself. I have been really welcomed by the staff and the other people that are here going through the same thing that my daughter is it seems very supportive. The people seem very genuine and very caring and they have taken great care of my daughter while she has been here and I have seen a huge improvement in her attitude and her just her life she is a completely different person now. Not having any expectations or knowing where else to send my daughter this was the right place for her and this is the place where she got clean and that she is ready and willing to move forward and the staff couldn’t be more supportive more involved more engaged more understanding and truly wanting to help her and let her accomplish this and move forward. Just this has been a really good experience for her and for me to learn about my daughter and the people again here have been very supportive they have been through this they know what they are dealing with and to be able to open up to that and know that they are truly doing what they want to do to help the other individuals move forward is just a real blessing.

jake Wheeler, 3 months ago

I actually first heard about Sovereign Health through a close friend of ours , my wife who was working with a therapist in Long Beach who recommended Sovereign as a quality rehab facility from what she knew of it and at that point I was already clean and sober for a couple of weeks but I knew I needed a lot more therapy, a lot more time, a lot more ability to have a focused recovery and so after considering it for couple of days and actually comparing a number of Orange County rehab centers I ended up choosing Sovereign. I think from the get go you know the front line people Linda, Alejandra, Robin I was just very impressed with their kindness and patience. I got matched up with Dr Kelly and we have had a really good relationship, couple of little bumps at the beginning but really appreciate her and I actually have really impressed with the clinical side of the operations from the get go. I have a lot of admiration and appreciation for Chrissie and Heidi and all the therapists. I have also very much appreciated doctors. They are far and away the most understanding, caring psychiatrists I have worked with. Yeah. Well I think the quality of the groups has evolved a lot ever since I have been here. Justifies some of the harder treatment that has to be laid down sometimes and how much I really do appreciate Sovereign I mean I really, really appreciate Kelly my therapist and Chrissie and her music groups and Heidi who has just amazing bends over backwards to make family groups meaningful in all the work she does and for sweet Colleen I just really am grateful for Colleen I think it could potentially be better for the program. I think one of the primary things that is just key for someone first coming in to be willing to know more than likely that the first week is going to be really hard and to really give it a shot because Sovereign is a good place and if you are here with the right mindset you are going to get a lot of growth and healing because the people here really do care. And you know don’t isolate yourself the beauty of amongst fellow addicts alcoholics whatever your issues are really valuable you know and the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous which is the same book basically for any group dealing with addicts of over eaters or anorexia or anger or bipolar whatever is the same thing and isolation isn’t going to bring better for you because odds are mostly your life while being active in your issues has been a lot of isolation and look where that has gotten me and the beauty of what one addict alcoholic can offer another is irreplaceable and the big book talks about that. To finally be around people who can understand why you did some of the crazy things you did without judgment is a real gift that most folks in the world can’t give you. It allows you to see yourself more objectively to laugh at the things you did and to realize the past and what you have today and today is the only day you have to worry about. You know pray for that obsession not to drink, not to use, not to lose your mind and temper you know not to go to the bathroom get rid of your food right after you eat whatever it is having people that can understand that and love you in it brings more healing than almost anything else. I am glad that I had the last 30 days to be here and soak everything up to take forward in my recovery.

Matt Vasquez, 4 months ago

Well I didn’t really know what to expect coming in here. It was my first treatment program that I have been to. I struggled with addiction for a really long time and I was pretty broken down, beaten up before I got in here so I was kind of just kind of ready to embrace whatever I was offered here it was really a good opportunity for me and I definitely needed it so I wasn’t sure what to expect but when I got here the staff and you know all the employees and everybody was very welcoming and made me feel at home and comfortable here. Yeah I mean it was a good experience overall. Couldn’t really ask for more I definitely got everything I needed and I feel a million times better than I did a couple of months ago and yeah I am happy to get this opportunity. My therapist is great. You know we got through a lot of issues that I have had and I got down to some of the roots of why I turned out the way I did as far as my using drugs you know how I got so bad and you know what were some of the events that led up to that and you know I think dealing with issues the right way really helps to understand yourself and to be at peace with some of the things you dealt with you know kind of move on through your life once you have conquered those issues. I like the process groups that you know go over how you are doing today and what kind of progress you have made and things that are helping and things that aren’t helping and it is good to talk about lots of stuff you know why you are in recovery so that everybody knows what they need to do to help you more. There are some groups you know that involved filling out worksheets that I think you know probably could have been done away with that didn’t really add much to recovery and seem kind of an oddness but overall the groups that were more about life on life’s turns helped the process you know daily struggles the most. I would like to thank everyone for making this a good experience for me and you know allowing me to get the help that I needed.

Joy Fernando, 5 months ago

I took the first step in my recovery, and sovereign has helped walk my way through recovery to a better life. Flying all the way across the country from North Carolina, with out a doubt I will go home with my tool box filled. I have a back ground in social work and am confident in this program. This has made me realize being in an eating disorder program all my struggles that lead to this point. The staff is always there for you, in a safe and loving environment. There is a nutritionist to specializes in your needs, and a therapist who will pull back layer by layer. This is a very unique program, it's a close nit program, there is hope and it is at sovereign. No program is flawless, there for sovereign, please have a pool.

kathryn martin, 6 months ago

I've been working at Sovereign Health in San Clemente CA for 3 years. As a recovering addict myself I understand how difficult the population can be. Working with the different departments that make Sovereign Health, the one common bond we all have is the want to help all those that suffer that come through our doors. I love working for Sovereign and would recommend anyone looking for the best help possible, consider Sovereign Health. You show and give effort to saving your life, all the staff will go above and beyond helping you meet your goals. We will not lead you in the wrong direction if you are willing.

Bernard Oakley, 7 months ago

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