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Apex Recovery Rehab

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Apex Recovery Rehab

Apex Recovery Rehab is located in San Diego, California.
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Google Reviews

I struggled with alcohol for many years and found myself at APEX to get help. The entire staff was beyond helpful and truly cared about each persons well being. I have been sober for 46 days and after a 17 year run I am feeling better than I have for a very long time. Thank you APEX for all the love, support and tools. You do great things for people and should feel proud of what you do!!! If you are a person seeking help please do yourself a favor and contact APEX. Many people in the program during my stay had previously been to other rehab facilities (unlike myself) and every single person said APEX was much better than their prior experience(s). I had the drive to get better and APEX knew what I needed. Thank you once again APEX, I love you guys and what you do!!!!

Brian Hess, 2 years ago

Apex was an essential part of my early recovery. The attentive staff is always there to help and do everything they can to improve your stay at the facility. The group sessions are great and very helpful. Today I have been sober for 6 months, and I have to say I'm not sure I could have achieved that without the help of the Apex community.

Jeronimo Olivares Souza, 2 years ago

Apex Recovery provides a reliable foundation for rehabilitation by adapting to the needs of its clients. The serene atmosphere allows for relaxation and reflection, while still encompassing many planned events and activities to keep the clients occupied. The Apex staff understands that the path to recovery for one person is likely not the same for another, which is why it does not abide by a single method of therapy, but instead offers a myriad of clinically proven approaches. One of the most notable aspects of Apex Recovery is the support it provides to the client's families. Family and Couples Therapy is often critical to the recovery of an addict and Apex does a phenomenal job of helping to mend these relationships. This facility works hard to create individualized treatment plans, offers extensive after care, and genuinely strives to help its clients live a healthier, more fulfilling life. I recommend this facility with the utmost confidence.

Erica C, 3 years ago

I am discharging from Apex tomorrow. I loved my stay hear. Bitter sweet as they say. the chef is amazing, the staff is super nice, and overall a very pleasant experience! I feel very confident to return home!

Apollo Leppard, 5 years ago

Very good and if I had another problem in life I would go to this rehab center again. The staff is very friendly and they do all the steps to help a patient recover. I've been going to classes since and I feel good thanks to the staff and the therapist that helped me. I give them a thumbs up. I felt so good being there and how they treated me. I call it my home away from; but I never want to be the person I was prior to going in. I do miss them; but I don't miss my addiction. Thanks APEX and the best cook in town! If there is anyone that they know that needs help I say APEX all the way!

Rodney Johnson, 5 years ago

Apex Recovery is truly one of a kind. The staff is amazing and there is always someone available to speak with. The doctors on staff are some of the best in the industry and have in depth knowledge in addiction and mental health. The facility is beautiful and very private which is exactly what clients are wanting when seeking treatment. I can't express enough what a positive impact Apex is having on the dual diagnosis community, they are making huge strides to save individuals from their battle with addiction and mental health. There are many facilities out there, but none like Apex Recovery.

corey williams, 5 years ago

  • 4251 NABAL DRIVE, #106,, San Diego, California 92108
  • phone: 877 8812689

Situated in San Diego, California, Apex Recovery Rehab has treatment options for those who are seeking help for drug and alcohol addiction.

Addiction is a progressive disease of the mind that will continue to get worse with time if it goes untreated. It will continue to worsen without the help of a recovery program. It’s important that those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol seek the help of Apex Recovery Rehab in order to regain the life that has become lost to addiction.

Through a thorough patient evaluation, addicts who attend treatment at Apex Recovery Rehab can get a personalized treatment plan made. The assessment is intended to depict the severity of the addiction as well as to learn more about the individual themselves. This way, a comprehensive treatment program can be put in place in order to reap the desired result; that being long-lasting abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

Throughout the patient’s time in treatment at Apex Recovery Rehab, the addict will learn new vital coping mechanisms and trigger management skills. These will help the addict adapt to a new life that is free of substance abuse when they reenter society. Since many addicts relapse, it is inherently important that they avoid certain settings or social circles that will pressure them to use.

At Apex Recovery Rehab, we believe that all addicts have the courage within to overcome their drug and alcohol addiction. Through the constant support of counselors and professional advisors working with addict’s daily, recovery is possible. Despite how long one has been an addict for, recovery is still absolutely attainable. Treatment is not a one-size-fits-all approach and at Apex Recovery Rehab, treating each patient with individuality is of utmost importance.

Breaking the vicious cycle of addiction is tough, but with professional counselors and effective treatment options in place, sobriety is closer than it seems. Get in touch with Apex Recovery Rehab today at apex.Rehab/ to learn more about how recovery can help pave a new life path. When the final level of sustained sobriety is reached, a feeling of contentment will ensue and this is something to be extremely proud of.

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