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Triumph Recovery

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Triumph Recovery

Triumph Recovery is located in Sherman Oaks, California.
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Google Reviews

Triumph Recovery is an excellent rehabilitation facility with an outstanding staff in a comfortable, ethical environment. Anyone seeking help with addiction should utilize Triumph. This is a great recovery center.

Roger Crooks, 1 year ago

Triumph Recovery, the staff, and the peers are strongly motivated and create a safe environment for recovery. The passion of all involved is influential and they strive to have long term effects on your life. With the help of Triumph I've learned how to become a better man and find myself in my recovery.

Joshua Freese, 1 year ago

Great treatment center for someone who seriously wants to dive into not only the addiction part but the trauma part as well. I have been to many high end rehabs and this one is well up top. The staff here is very caring.

Alex Eskew, 1 year ago

Triumph was a great experience. Everyone one here went above and beyond to make sure that not only me but all the clients were always taken cared of. The staff was excellent and I would highly recommend this place to my family and friends if needed. I was really informed on the addiction process and now have a different outlook on it which will really help me move forward in my recovery.

john dicaprio, 2 years ago

It was a wonderful and helpful experience. The staff and nurses were absolutely wonderful. the chef was a great cook and a wonderful guy. I feel like they truly and honestly care about your well being at the recovery center. They deserve every bit of five stars soo all and all a great place to go and a wonderful environment!!!!

Spencer Griffin, 2 years ago

If you’re looking for actual recovery, go to Triumph. If you want to go hangout with 50 other people and never get anything done... go somewhere else. Triumph is in the business to change lives which is quite obvious because they actually have more staff than patients in the house. If you want therapy everyday you can chose to do so. Scott, Lance, and Kelly(therapists) will sit with you for as long as you need to work through whatever it is you’re going through. The support staff is the same caliber as the therapists and the chef is out of this world! Even the house nurse will stay hours after his shift ends just he can get you on the right meds when you come to detox. You will not find a more dedicated, honest, or accessible staff in any other program. Do yourself a favor and put your faith in a program that puts their faith in YOU!

Jacob Lemon, 2 years ago

Triumph was a great program. They really helped me with my recovery process. A beautiful house with very attractive staff; especially Kelly the old lady with the glasses. I highly recommend this program.

Sean Douglas Jr., 2 years ago

Triumph Recovery is an awesome program! If you're trying to change your life or stop substance abuse this program is the one. The staff is great and so is the facility!

Yuri Schoenhoft, 2 years ago

I am in Recovery and have been working in the treatment Industry for years now. I’ve come across many facilities that always promote compassion. Triumph Recovery was and is so different. A small 6 bed male facility and an intimate environment with no stress of having a lot of peers. I was worried about Triumph not being co-Ed but to be honest, there’s literally no distractions and clients can really focus on themselves rather then focusing on the females. The reason why it’s small is because triumph gives one on one care with the upmost compassion, you get to see your therapist EVERYDAY which in a lot of places it takes a week. The clinical team is amazing, and they really get the the core issues of why the clients use, it’s really not about getting clean and sober it’s about getting better and a new way of thinking. When your here you will receive the best care I’ve ever seen. Scott Ford the Chief Program Officer connects with the clients like I’ve never seen before. with over 26 years of sobriety and his knowledge and how he connects with the male clients is something I’ve never seen before. If you are really worried about yourself or a loved one i highly highly recommend calling them. They are literally amazing in what they do. The owner himself sees all the clients. That in and of itself is so unheard of!!!

Kevin Carroll, 2 years ago

Recovery is made possible at triumph. The food is great, staff is awesome, and the groups are informative. Special accolades to Armen, Kelly, and Aaron for being positive influences on a day to day basis.

Alexander Richard, 2 years ago

This place is almost overwhelmingly amazing in every way. The staff is unreal in terms of how much work they put in to help the clients and also just how much they care about each individual. I couldn't have created a better treatment plan/facility in my head if I wanted to. Scott, Lance, Gina, Arman, Amber, Kelly, Mariam, Michelle, Aaron, Aston, Greg, Gary, Jerald, Sidney, MacKinzie, Omar, Nathaniel, and Chuck all deserve their own reviews honestly for how much they've changed my life for the better. I will cherish every moment spent here and with all of them, I can't thank them enough. I recommend Triumph to anyone who needs treatment, they will help you in every way you can think of. You guys are the best!

Keith Lowrey, 2 years ago

Triumph is hands down the best of the best! I've been to treatment centers b4 where I felt more like a number verses a person. Triumph focuses on the core issues rather than just the 12step based treatment centers I've been to in the past ,not that they don't focuses on that.....needless to say this place has been a blessing and if you have a friend or family member in need Triumph is the place. #FACTS

DreVeis Hidalgo, 2 years ago

Nothing but great things happen at triumph! Between the therapy groups, focusing on childhood trauma and the support group in it. The staff is one of a kind, they will help u achieve exactly what you go into treatment for and make your life do a complete 180. I came in dependent on drugs not thinking anything would help but I was completely wrong. Between dropping out of school losing everything I've accomplished in life and the loss of trust in my family I thought getting these things back would be such a rough road. They helped me more then I thought it was possible to be helped. Lance who is one of the best psychologist in California in my opinion and Scott ford who is the program director will dig deep and make you realize things you never thought were a problem. Also, they provide a private chef witch provides some of the best meals you will ever eat! Maids come once sometimes twice a week and clean the entire house. Overall Triumph recovery center is a very safe environment. I recommend this place to anyone who is ready to help themselves and also get amazing help! I promise it will be a success!

James McCann, 2 years ago

Triumph Recovery is a reputable and accredited addiction treatment facility in Sherman Oaks, California. The goal of Triumph Recovery is to change the life of an addict for the better by giving the proper guidance and treatment methods required for a successful recovery.

Treating addictions, whether to drugs or alcohol, requires conducting a thorough patient assessment in order to determine what sort of treatment program will benefit the patient the most. Constructing a future that is free of alcohol and drug use begins with a solid foundation and that foundation can be found at Triumph Recovery.

After meeting with an addiction counselor, the patient will get a customized treatment plan just for them and their unique case.

By developing coping mechanisms throughout treatment, patients can reenter society feeling confident and assured which is essential when wanting to maintain long-lasting sobriety. Accomplishing the end goal of obtaining sustained sobriety is possible with the help of professional treatment.

The disease of addiction is a serious one and one that requires intense treatment in order to overcome. By providing the support and guidance needed as well as providing comprehensive treatment, patients will have the opportunity to begin a new more promising life path. There is a life beyond substance abuse, but it takes the help of professional addiction treatment in order to discover that new life.

It’s never too late to attend treatment. Whether the patient has been an addict for one year or five years, the addiction counselors at Triumph Recovery can help. With innovative treatment options available to patients, the chances of recovering from drug and alcohol addiction are likely, but it also requires the dedication and positive mindset of the individual in order to obtain long-lasting recovery.

At Triumph Recovery, quality treatment is never compromised. With the guidance and support of compassionate staff members, patients will feel content when they enter treatment at Triumph Recovery.It’s time to take control of the life being lived and seeking treatment is the best decision to take.

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