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Colorado Treatment Services

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Colorado Treatment Services

Colorado Treatment Services is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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Rehab Center Details

  • Smoking permitted in designated area

Treatment Options

  • Outpatient
  • Outpatient methadone/buprenorphine or vivitrol
  • Regular outpatient treatment

Payment Methods

  • American Express
  • Cash or self-payment
  • Check
  • Federal or any government funding for substance abuse programs
  • Mastercard
  • Sliding fee scale (fee is based on income and other factors)
  • Visa

Accepted Insurances

  • Most Insurances


  • Addiction
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Drug Abuse
  • Drug Addiction
  • Intervention center
  • Medical Detox
  • Substance Abuse

Areas of Specialization

  • 12-step faciltitation approach
  • All Clients in Opioid Treatment Program
  • Anger management
  • Brief intervention approach
  • Buprenorphine Maintenance
  • Buprenorphine Maintenance for Predetermined Time
  • Buprenorphine used in treatment
  • Contingency management/motivational incentive
  • Family Addiction Counseling
  • Group counseling offered
  • Individual counseling offered
  • Marital/couples counseling offered
  • Methadone
  • Methadone clients only
  • Methadone Maintenance
  • Methadone Maintenance for Predetermined Time
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Relapse Prevention
  • SAMHSA-certified Opioid Treatment Program
  • Vivitrol® (injectable Naltrexone)

Age Options

  • Adult men
  • Adult women

Treatment Approach

  • Cognitive/behavioral therapy
  • Substance abuse counseling approach
  • Trauma-related counseling

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Google Reviews

This place has completely changed my life for the better. The staff listens and cares. Nurse Lela is unbelievable. She has whipped things into shape from what I remember of it being just a couple years ago. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone trying to better their lives from opiate abuse.

Anonymous User, 2 years ago

Timothy Geisler, 2 years ago

This clinic has been a lifesaver for my daughter, the clinic has helped her and so many ways. She is doing better now than she has in 12 years I am very thankful for the clinic.

Donna Vezakis, 2 years ago

Julio The Shiba Inu, 2 years ago

Good place to get and stay clean. The staff is great, if u give them respect you’ll always receive it back. 3 years into coming here and never had any negative experiences or problems.

Paulina Santos, 2 years ago

The staff does its best to navigate the bureaucracy that the state and federal governments have placed upon "illicit substances." My consciousness is my business and mine alone. Those who believe otherwise and wield power to enforce that belief deserve the shame future human societies will bestow upon them. To the naysayers: I hope you never have the opportunity to influence anyone against choosing treatment. Harm reduction philosophy says it all. Methadone saves lives.

Jonathan Reynolds, 2 years ago

The staff does its best to navigate the bureaucracy that the state and federal governments have placed upon "illicit substances." My consciousness is my business and mine alone. Those who believe otherwise and wield power to enforce that belief deserve the shame future human societies will bestow upon them. To the naysayers: I hope you never have the opportunity to influence anyone against choosing treatment. Harm reduction philosophy says it all. Methadone saves lives.

Jonathan Reynolds, 2 years ago

Diane is awesome! known her for a while now and she treats you like a human being:), these stars go out to her cause was giving up and that little hope made me get through this. As well as the other staff thier good, but the doctor is great she is very knowledgeable when it comes to your needs. My old doctor who was great, recommended her Diane Alabduljalil MD. Then come to find out she the clinics doctor. So your in good hands. Diane you deserve 20 stars cause even back late 2010 ,2011 always caring.

Jimmy North, 2 years ago

I entered treatment an addict; when I checked out I was clean. That's the most important point. Everything else is minor in comparison. The staff is extremely kind and professional, to a person. They do a good job of reading the comments patients make in their own in-house reviews, and implementing smart changes to policy when necessary. Besides the actual methadone program, the quality of counseling you receive can vary widely, depending on which counselor you get assigned to and what kind of rapport you have with them. I had the best counselor I've ever met in my life here, but one of the worst, who would have done more harm than good had I listened to her, is there too. She was a very nice person though, and for a different personality type than mine she many well be very good. The third one I spent any time working with was average: didn't hurt anything, didn't help much either. The clinic closes at 9am on Saturdays, compared with noon on weekdays. The difference means that they have to squeeze every patient in to a much smaler window, and so Saturdays are typically sardene-crowded and chaotic; it's generally nothing you can't ride out with a handful of patience and a pair of headphones, but it's better to show up early. If you're just checking in at 8:50 you may well be in line for 30+ mins. The old doctor working there was pretty incompetent: she tried telling me I couldn't enroll there because my habit "wasn't big enough," as if the absolute size has anything to do with it. But she's thankfully moved on, and the new one seemed much more reasonable. One note specific to Colorado: while the staff is on the whole very understanding and sympathetic to the fact that for many people, marijuana can be an integral part of their recovery. Unfortunately, the state regulatory department is not as open to this new and apparently very frightening idea, meaning the staff's hands are mostly tied regarding this issue. As of August 2017 they do not accept medicaid, but they have been approved to do so, as soon as medicaid finishes whatever labyrinthine process they need to finish. But I'm told the change is imminent.

Pedro Amargosa, 3 years ago

I've been going here for almost four months now and wanted to get as much information out there to help people who are looking for options to make changes in there life so this clinic doses you daily on methadone and with suboxone. They no longer give scripts to fill yourself for Suboxone so you do have to dose at window daily. It costs daily 12.00 a day for methadone and 18.00 a day for Suboxone. If you pay monthly payments the methadone comes to 330.00 a month so is 11.00 a day if you pay all at once for the month so it does say you 30.00 if not able to do that it's 360.00 total a month and 12.00 daily they do have a sliding scale for some people to help and I think they pay 6.00 a day. They don't accept any insurance's here but are trying too. The staff have all been really nice to me and counselor's also been easy to work with. You are required to see a counselor twice a month for your first ninty days then goes to once a month. Your also required to do blood work when you start and monthly UAs and if you get a hot ua for alcohol will make you take a breathalyzer everyday you come in. Also can get kicked out for repeated hot UAs. They ask you to do classes once a week at the clinic see show up to your counselor appointments and have clean UAs and you phase up so you can get take homes over period of time you go up in phases to get more and more take homes. There closed on Sundays so you have to pay on Sat for Sunday's dose and have a box that you can lock like even a possibility pencil box they sale at Walgreens that comes with a small key will do. They are open from 5:00am-12:00 noon monday-friday and Saturday only 7:00am-9:00am so only two hours that day makes lines a little longer but I haven't had to wait long any time I've been in. Most of the time there's two nurses dosing people so it moves people through line fast. There's been changes made here the last couple of years first off they don't dose you unless you can pay for your dose. Second no longer have fee-tox any more so people use to get a fast taper off in 30 days if you couldn't pay any more. In my opinion of being an addict for over 15 years now it helps me to move forward with my life and get away from all the things I hate so much in using drugs. Withdrawals are really hard coming off methadone but your able to get stable and taper slowly while working on the stuff you need to that got you and keeps you in addiction. So I always think it's up to the addict to decide what is best and will help most and not going to say this place is the answer or not the answer to help them because we all are different but I'm glad to here. My life is priceless to me. Hope this helps out with info

C Sk, 3 years ago

I have been attending about one year and I've never had a negative experience. The staff is amazing and they show that they truly care about the patients. Though there are times when the wait is long it is NOT due to the staff. The staff continuously goes above and beyond to help and I APPRECIATE every single one of them very much!!

Amanda Gordon, 3 years ago

I am pretty new to this clinic but I have not once had a negative experience all the nurses and worker's are amazing and very friendly.I only had to wait a week to get in yes the intake process takes awhile but it's better then dealing with a lifetime of addiction.Once your in though it only takes 5-10min to dose depending on the line so your pretty much in & out.My counselor Erica is the best that I've ever had!!The only thing I will say is on the website it says they are open until 10am Saturday's but are actually only open until 9am they have tried to change it but for some reason it won't let them.This place has saves my life and for that I'm forever thankful!

Raven Cascaden, 3 years ago

I have been going to this clinic, well don't really want to give a number so will just say a very long time, and there have been some ups and downs. Have had to wait in long lines for one reason or another, have had some staff that I was sorry to see go and others not so much. I have had a couple of counselors, but have had my current one for a very long time now and Laurie is great. This clinic will give you the help you need to get on the right path to clean and sober living if that is your goal. I had to comment after reading the petty complaints about this clinic. The staff right now is great they're friendly and courteous, and to me this is the most important aspect of any establishment. Overall and right now my experience of going there once a week has been easy, fast and friendly.

Laura Hurtado, 3 years ago

  • 2010 East Bijou Street, Suite A, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909
  • Contact:   Ingrid Contreras
  • (719) 434-2061

At Colorado Treatment Services, located in scenic Colorado Springs, Colorado, individualized addiction treatment programs are aimed at fitting the specific requirements of the patient. With unique treatment plans that are tailor-made to suit the individual, addicts will have every opportunity to overcome their addiction.

Just before the patient begins treatment at Colorado Treatment Services, a comprehensive patient assessment will be conducted in order to determine which treatment method will work best. No matter what age group the individual belongs to, treatment is available to those of all ages . In order to obtain a life that is free of addiction, the addict has to be in the mindset of ‘recovery’. This means that the idea of sobriety is already planted in the individual’s mind and therefore will want to work toward achieving that goal.

The dedicated staff members at Colorado Treatment Services are committed to the recovery of the patient and will do everything in their power to help them throughout this trying time. Reaching personal life goals is possible but it requires the addict to kick the habit of abusing drugs and alcohol in order to obtain them. This is exactly why facilities for addiction treatment exist.

There is no reason that treatment shouldn’t begin today, so contact Colorado Treatment Services and discuss the various treatment options today. Breaking the cycle of addiction is difficult which is why treatment facilities are here to help. Typically speaking, addicts fail when it comes to seeking treatment on their own as not all facilities out there are as reputable as others. At Colorado Treatment Services, the staff is dedicated to helping their patients succeed in recovery. It’s never too late to seek help and assistance with drug or alcohol addiction.

Colorado Treatment Services strives to show addicts that there is a life outside of addiction and through treatment; Addicts will be able to take control of their lives. Patients are also urged to attend relapse prevention programs even after treatment is completed in order to mitigate the chances of relapse in the future.

The time to get help for addiction is now.

Call Now to Speak to an Addiction Counselor (800) 429-7690