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Alcoholic Father

"My dad is an alcoholic." Have you ever said those words? They often come after a gut-wrenching experience of seeing family dysfunction for what it really is and admitting how you have been damaged. Once you have admitted the truth, however, you are faced with a choice: Will you get help for yourself and your dad, or will you keep pretending that all is well?

The Children of Alcoholic Fathers

Studies have shown that children who have an alcoholic father are in many ways at a distinct disadvantage relative to their peers. This is particularly true of sons. Male children of male alcoholics tend to show a slower rate of emotional and social development. In fact, growing up with an alcoholic father if you are a male yourself can cause lasting social problems that you may overcome only through professional therapy. These effects are not limited to males, though; females can be affected in similar ways if they have an alcoholic dad. Either way, you should not underestimate the ways in which your father's alcoholism may have affected you.

Dealing With an Alcoholic Father

If you have grown up with a dad who is an alcoholic, you have likely learned how to cope with an alcoholic father in both positive and negative ways. If your father's alcoholism has led to many destructive behaviors, the chances are good that you do your best to distance yourself from him as much as possible. This can be healthy, but it can also lead to difficulties trusting others and forming relationships with them. It is also possible that you have dealt with the trauma of having an alcoholic father by repeating his addiction. Children of addicts are more likely to become addicts themselves, and if you have a problem with alcoholism, it is imperative that you seek to get sober at once.

You can also play a key role in helping your father to attain sobriety. Once you have said to yourself that "my dad is an alcoholic," it is time to see what you can do to get him into a professional addiction recovery program. A quality, medically supervised program that is covered by private insurance has helped many men successfully beat their alcohol addiction. You can get help now for yourself or for your father when you contact BetterAddictionCare. Our addiction treatment specialists will match you with proven rehab programs that can help you or your father recover from alcoholism through safe, individualized treatment.

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