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When an individual is addicted to drugs or alcohol, the addiction does not impact the addict alone. Addictions affect the friends of addicts, but they also particularly affect their families. Many families of addicts feel as if there are no resources that can help them as they try to assist their family member in overcoming their addiction. Yet the science of addiction treatment continues to break new ground, with the result that there is much help for families of drug addicts available today.

How Does Addiction Affect Family Members?

Support for families of addicts is necessary because addiction affects them in many ways. First, many addicts overspend, leaving family members in a difficult financial position, so financial help for families dealing with drug addiction may be necessary in many cases. When they seek out help for addicts, family members must also deal with feelings of guilt that they in some way caused the addiction in their loved one. Professional addiction counseling for family members or even informal conversation that helps families see how they are not to blame for the addiction can go a long way in assisting an addict’s family. Drug addiction also causes relationship breakdowns between the addict and family members, so families of recovering addicts will need to learn how to rebuild relationships with the individual that have been shattered by the addiction.

Getting Support

Recognizing that the families of drug addicts need help during addiction recovery as well, there are many groups today that specialize in providing support for families of drug addicts. Al-Anon, for example, has guided families as they start healing from the damage caused by an addict. The most effective help for families dealing with drug addiction, however, is given in conjunction with professional treatment for the addict in traditional or alternative rehab programs. Quality drug treatment facilities recognize that the family plays a key role in addiction recovery, so they offer support for families of addicts in the form of counseling and educating them about helping their loved ones. The programs in our addiction recovery network will work with families of addicts to give them the assistance that they need.

Do You Need Help?

If you have a loved who is an addict, we are here to help. Our addiction treatment specialists can work with you to find the best option for treating your family member. In addition to walking you through the enrollment process, our specialists can connect you with facilities that can support your needs, too. Fill out our contact form or call today to get help for families of drug addicts.

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