Breaking the Cycle of Addiction

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It’s no secret that addiction can ruin lives, tear apart families, and leave devastation in its wake. But many people don’t realize that addiction is part of a cycle that continues over and over again until a person is ready to make a change and break free from the continual thoughts and behaviors. Breaking the cycle of addiction means stepping outside of your routine and making changes with the help of a professional. Whether you choose to enroll in an inpatient facility or get outpatient addiction counseling, breaking the cycle takes more than just the will to get clean. Either way, you need to decide what is best for you and pursue it.

Individuals start by craving an addictive substance. They may be excited to get out of work and head to the bar. They may know that they will be able to get the fix they need as soon as work is over. The anticipation pushes them into the next step, consuming the substance. At this point, users often feel good, and some even enjoy a sense of euphoria. The high, in their minds, seems to be worth everything it took to get there. But once this stage is over, users begin to have a negative reaction. They are unhappy without the substance and begin to start over, looking forward to enjoying another moment with drugs or alcohol. Most people aren’t sure how to break the cycle of addiction and become discouraged with their situation.

If a friend or family member is struggling with addiction, you may have started to notice the cycle taking place. You may have noticed the anticipation, the high, and the crash. Knowing more about the cycle is the first step to begin breaking the cycle of addiction. You may feel that nothing you say or do will be able to pull your loved one away from the circular path they are on, but setting up an intervention could be a great way to get the addict to stop and look at the situation. Interventions are successful when they are planned out and organized well.

Once a person has begun to see the cycle of addiction, the next step is often to ask for help. When that happens, it’s important to locate one of the top addiction recovery facilities near you to get the process started. BetterAddictionCare will work with you to find locations accepting new patients right away. You can speak with a counselor to learn more about the customized treatment plans available, including alternative rehab programs. Safe and comfortable inside a treatment center, your loved one will be surrounded by a highly trained staff with experience centering on substance abuse and addiction. From there, your loved one will learn how to break the cycle of addiction and how to prevent themselves from going back to the same habits and routines.

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