Dual Diagnosis Program

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Dual Diagnosis Program

Better Addiction Care is a high-profile rehabilitation service provider with a deep understanding of what our patients want or need. Dealing with severe drug or alcohol withdrawal can take a toll on anyone’s mental health. The dual diagnosis program is the treatment capable of handling that problem.

Why the dual diagnosis treatment is essential during rehab

There are two scenarios that explain the link between substance addiction and mental health issues:

  1. Mental health conditions leading to addiction due to failed self-treatments – Many individuals struggling with mental problems like anxiety, depression, bipolar, or PTSD resort to alcohol or drugs to find relief from their condition(s). Others rely on over-the-counter medication, and the result is almost always the same – developing chronic substance dependency or addiction.
  2. Drug or alcohol abuse triggering specific mental issues – People can abuse drugs or alcohol for a variety of reasons, including familial or personal problems, the need for recreation, curiosity, etc. With time, continuous substance abuse can trigger mental problems like those mentioned previously. Without adequate treatment, these conditions will aggravate, potentially leading to an array of other physical or mental issues.

A reliable dual diagnosis treatment center will provide extensive screening and clinical investigation prior to rehab to prepare patients for dual diagnosis treatment. The program will continue throughout the rehab treatment and beyond, depending on your condition’s type, severity, and treatment requirements.

This form of treatment is essential because it allows you to overcome addiction easier and achieve long-term stability and sobriety.

Premier dual diagnosis facilities

Not all rehab facilities bow by the same quality standards, use the same treatment modalities or have the same success rates. If you’re looking for a reliable dual diagnosis rehab near me, our professionals are ready to assist you. We can refer you to high-end rehabilitation facilities that rely on comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment modalities to address your mental health issues.

These centers provide patients with a complete substance addiction and mental health treatment, encompassing modalities like:

  • Sequential Model – Treating one disorder first before addressing the other one. It has been the most widespread treatment technique in the past.
  • Parallel Model – This approach addresses both conditions (substance addiction and a mental health issue) simultaneously with different specialists working on each case.
  • Integrated Model – The Integrated Model relies on the same team of professionals to address both conditions at once.
  • Pharmacotherapy – Using medication to control the disorders’ physical manifestations.
  • Psychotherapy – Addressing the illnesses’ effects on the individual’s mind and behavior.
  • Psychosocial treatment – This procedure is a core component of the substance abuse treatment, helping patients cope with their mental health issues, teaching relapse prevention, and promoting safe social reintegration.

The dual diagnosis program will allow you to identify and address underlying mental health issues that may be responsible for your addictive behavior.

We recommend contacting our Better Addiction Care professionals to discuss your treatment options and recovery needs today. You can verify your insurance at 800-429-7690, make an appointment, and prepare for rehab treatment as soon as possible.

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