How to Find the Right 90-Day Drug Rehab Program

Factors to consider when choosing a 90-day drug rehab program

If you or a loved one is ready to enter rehab, considering a few key factors will help you to find the right 90-day drug rehab program to meet your recovery needs. Addiction recovery is not a one-size-fits-all solution. The rehab center you choose will play a large role in determining how successful your recovery efforts are. No single treatment approach or drug rehab program is going to be effective for all individuals, and variables such as location, environment, living arrangements, and therapies offered can make a big difference in whether your recovery is successful. Carefully considering how certain factors line up with your recovery needs will help ensure that you find the right 90 day drug rehab program to ensure your long-term recovery success.


Gender-specific or co-ed rehab program

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a 90 day addiction rehab program is the living arrangements.  In order for drug rehab to be successful, patients need to be able to relax and focus exclusively on recovery.  Some individuals may not feel comfortable with the living arrangements in a co-ed 90 day rehab center, particularly if there is a history of domestic violence, eating disorders, self-esteem issues, or concerns about sexual performance. In these cases, a gender-specific rehab center may provide a safe haven where the patient can go through recovery without added fears for their safety or privacy. Others may derive the greatest benefit from a co-ed drug rehab program where they can get a wide range of viewpoints.


Therapies provided

In order to be highly successful, rehab programs should offer a variety of evidence-based treatments, typically a mix of cognitive behavioral therapy, group and individual therapy, relapse prevention strategies, and participation in self-help groups. The right 90 day rehab program will provide these treatment types plus any individualized services you need, such as vocational training, legal assistance, and financial counseling.


Detox method

The first week in rehab will be spent doing through detox. Many 90 day rehab centers provide medically assisted detox, where medications such as clonidine are given to relieve cravings and other symptoms. Other rehab centers take a strict sobriety approach, preferring that residents going through detox rely exclusively on the use of therapeutic techniques and other supportive services to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Make sure that the rehab program you choose provides access to the detox method you or your loved one prefers.



If family or marital issues play a large role in your addiction, you may want to choose a 90 day rehab program that is close to home so your relatives can easily take part in therapy sessions. If you have tried rehab in the past and left early, or are seeking addiction treatment for a loved one who has considerable drug contacts in the area, you may want to choose a center that is located far away for the best chance of success.



Addiction treatment centers offer a wide variety of environments so you can find the one most conducive to your recovery. Some 90 day rehab programs provide luxurious accommodations where massage, spa treatments, and other amenities are provided while others provide a more stripped-down, back to basics approach where residents are on a strict schedule and expected to participate in chores and other responsibilities. Keep in mind that you will be in this environment for 3 months when deciding which one is right for you when choosing a 90-day drug rehab program.


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