Finding Heroin Rehab Centers

Heroin Rehab Centers – What Should You Look For?

Heroin abuse is a nationwide problem. Heroin overdose deaths for 2016 totaled over 15,000 souls, according to a CDC report. Finding help for heroin addiction today can save your or your loved one’s life. Through heroin rehab centers, an addict can be given all of the help and support they need to stop heroin abuse, with evidence-based treatment approaches.

In this article, we will look at aspects of a rehab that make its treatment more effective than another rehab to help you find the best treatment possible.

Adaptive Treatment Plans

The heroin rehab success rate can be improved by custom-making a treatment plan. There are many different ways to treat an addiction including different science-based methods and alternative treatment such as yoga and biofeedback. Each person is different when it comes to opioid addiction treatment. Each person’s plan should be adjusted to best suit them. Heroin rehab centers should be able to accommodate for this.

Opiate Addiction Medication

An addiction to heroin can be treated effectively with opiate addiction medication. This includes naltrexone and methadone among others. They serve to replace heroin by giving the person a safer opioid and then reducing the amount given over time, also known as weaning off a drug. The best success is achieved when therapy is combined with opiate replacement therapy.

Dual Diagnosis

Oftentimes, people abuse drugs like heroin because there is an underlying mental disorder. It is common for a person who has a mental disorder such as PTSD or bi-polar to use heroin or other drugs as a way to manage their symptoms. However, the problems remain and usually get worse over time when an addiction is also present. The heroin rehab success rate can be greatly improved by treating both mental illnesses, addiction being one of them.

Monitoring of the Treatment Plan

Heroin rehab centers should be able to change their treatment plan as needed. The only way to effectively change a treatment plan is to monitor the patient’s progress. Whether the person relapsed or isn’t doing as well as expected with a particular treatment plan, their plan should be adjusted.

Therapy after Detox

A medical detox where medications are used to treat the symptoms of withdrawal cannot by itself cure an addiction. Then only way to beat an addiction to heroin is by going for therapy at heroin rehab centers after the detox is done. The rehab you are considering should have suitable treatment plans along with a detox plan.

Treatment Length

In order for treatment to reach its full potential, a patient must participate in treatment for a period of three months. If the treatment length is shorter than this, it can cause it to be less effective. However, the three-month period can be achieved through other programs apart from inpatient rehab. For example, a person can spend a couple of weeks in a residential program then carry on with treatment with an outpatient treatment plan.

Seeing to Other Needs

A treatment plan should not just treat a person’s drug addiction; it should also assist with other areas of their life and health. These include their social, legal and mental health problems. Physical health should also be looked at to ensure that the proper treatment for disease such as hepatitis is given. The rehab center should also be able to accommodate a person based on their age, culture, gender and ethnicity where needed.

Finding the right rehab center for heroin addiction can be the difference between effective treatment and relapsing the moment you leave rehab. Call Better Addiction Care today at 1.800.429.7690. to get the treatment you deserve.


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