Functional Alcoholic Signs and Symptoms

Recognizing the Functional Alcoholic Signs and Symptoms

Do you drink – a lot? Do you hide it? Do you go to work every day and maintain a pretty regular life? If you believe you might have a problem – look out for the functional alcoholic signs and symptoms. Whether you are ready to receive help or not, call Better Addiction Care today at (800) 429-7690. The professional staff is ready to assist you in finding treatment facilities. 

What is a Functioning Alcoholic?

A functioning alcoholic looks like everyone else. Maybe someone you care about is a functioning alcoholic. They seem to have everything together – but you are well aware that they are drinking behind the scenes. High functioning alcoholics are able to maintain their jobs, social lives, homes, and families. Sometimes – even high profile individuals are able to keep the charade going and fool everyone. The balancing act, however, fails miserably when an event occurs in which they have to face the truth because they are found out.

Typically, they must enter a treatment program or they will lose everything good and positive in their life. These individuals are, indeed, in denial. Enabling plays a part in this as well. People surrounding the high functioning alcoholic may refuse to acknowledge the issue, so as not to confront the individual, and avoid an uncomfortable situation. So, the addicted person will continue their isolation and suffer in silence.

Based on professional experience and studies conducted, about half of alcoholics are of the highly functioning variety. As such, they can go undetected for years – even decades! Then one day, the person gets arrested for drunk driving (as an example) and must face their harsh reality. Some people, however, may elect to enter treatment before something dangerous happens. Functioning alcoholics live a double life, in a sense.

They do not look like the usual alcoholic – they tend to their physical appearance and may even seem elegant. Drinking before an event is commonplace, so that they are already liquored up before they arrive. This way, no one will bat an eyelash at their alcohol intake.

Signs of a High Functioning Alcoholic

If you suspect someone in your life may be a functioning alcoholic (or yourself), look out for the following functional alcoholic signs and symptoms.

  • High functioning alcoholics will have blackouts – and no memory of what took place while they were pounding drinks.
  • These individuals are unable to control how much they drink. Sometimes they may set a limit for themselves, but do not manage to stick to it. Of all the signs that indicate someone may be a functioning alcoholic, this one is most telling.
  • When imbibing, these individuals act very differently from their sober selves.
  • These people may not need to drink every day, but, they do obsess over drinking. They think about when and with whom they might share that next drink with.

It is not necessarily about how many drinks you consume, it is about the way you conduct yourself (and what happens to you) when you are drinking that matters. The aforementioned functional alcoholic symptoms should help point out certain things to you. There is no need to suffer like this any longer. Get the help you deserve.

If someone in your life may be a high functioning alcoholic, the functional alcoholic signs and symptoms will be helpful as well. If you are unsure how to confront the individual, get professional assistance. Never attack the individual and always act with kindness. Alcoholism is a serious disease and those suffering from it do not always like to discuss it.

The functional alcoholic signs and symptoms vary by the individual. For the most part, it is a pattern of behavior and, if you pay attention, you will see it. Some other signs of a high functioning alcoholic include losing interest in food – and opting for “liquid” meals, waking up without hangovers, and always having a good excuse for drinking – for example, “it is flag day!”

Hiding alcohol is very telling. Of all the functional alcoholic symptoms, hiding alcohol is a dead giveaway. They are hiding it because they know it is wrong. If you are still wondering, “what is a functioning alcoholic?” Contact the professionals at Better Addiction Care today for further information and for help finding rehab centers. Perhaps you will realize that you are, indeed, a high functioning alcoholic and will ask for help.




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