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Heroin, derived from morphine, is a highly addictive drug. For some, the addiction escalates quickly. Others may test the drug out a couple of times before addiction takes over. Either way, addicts continue to seek out the high, regardless of the cost. Some even continue using because of the fear of heroin withdrawal. Because of the medical complications involved in trying to walk away from heroin, heroin detox should be supervised by a medical professional.

At BetterAddictionCare, we understand how scary it can be to take the first steps toward a new life. We work with clients to find them facilities nationwide that have a history of success when it comes to detox from heroin and are currently accepting new patients. In a safe environment, individuals can work through the physical symptoms associated with withdrawal and take advantage of addiction counseling to help with the mental transition as well. Fill out our contact form for more information about our recovery network and how we can help you get help now.

When it comes time to detox, heroin can be tough to get out of the system. While every person is different, most patients find that the struggle begins within 12 hours of leaving the drug behind. A couple of days later, the detox process peaks, with patients often working through the most severe of the withdrawal symptoms. Stopping the drug means dealing with several different types of heroin detox symptoms, including:

  • Cravings for heroin
  • Depression
  • Agitation or anxiety
  • Nervousness
  • Nausea
  • Abdominal pain

The top heroin detox facilities work with medical professionals to supervise the process of getting the drug out of the body and keep each client as comfortable as possible. Trying to detox from heroin at home can be more than just challenging: Without a medical professional involved, trying to detox on your own can lead to severe, often unmanageable withdrawal.

Once detox is complete, this doesn’t mean that a person no longer craves heroin. In fact, even after experiencing this process, many addicts still seek out the drug, looking for a quick high. That’s why it is important to find a facility that offers support and treatment after patients have finished with detox. Leaving heroin behind is an ongoing process, but with the help of a skilled recovery team along with friends and family, it is possible to start a new life free from drugs.

Are you wondering if the time is right for heroin detox? Are you concerned about the symptoms associated with breaking free from the drug? Trust BetterAddictionCare to help you find the addiction treatment center that is best for you and your needs. Our nationwide recovery network offers alternative rehab programs customized for each person. Call today to speak with a counselor and learn more about your options.

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