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Ashwood Recovery

Google Rating: 4.8

Ashwood Recovery

Ashwood Recovery is located in Boise, Idaho.
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Google Reviews

Amazing staff. Lucky to be here. Beyond helpful and super supportive. Thankyou ashwood for helping me so much!

Sawyer Morrison, 2 years ago

Ashwood has been vital in my recovery. Amazing counselors, friendly staff overall, and everyone is always committed to each patients well-being. My sobriety is stronger because of this place.

silent guardian, 2 years ago

I went to the free family support group and would highly recommend it. I appreciated the others' experiences and the presence of a trained professional. The therapist I saw for codependency said this is the one local addiction treatment center she would recommend.

Kathleen Maura, 2 years ago

supportive and educated counslours and staff including nurses. safe environment. I enjoyed getting out to go to the gym and yoga and other activities like bowling parks and art museums. great place to detox and get the your corner stone of recovery

tom davis, 2 years ago

Ashwood has been a gift. Staff is incredible. Clients are amazing. Program is transformative.

Patrick Connor, 2 years ago

Ashwood has an amazing facility with helpful and knowledgeable staff. Great place to support you through beginning Recovery.

Kate Cutler, 2 years ago

Ashwood Recovery has been great! The staff and other patients are all very welcoming. They have been very informative about the symptoms and tools of recovery. I am grateful for them. They’ve helped me realize a sober and happy life is worth it.

Ashlie Rose, 2 years ago

I have been attending Ashwood recovery for 3 months now and it has been a great support to my recovery. I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from their groups and I would highly recommend any looking to take the first step in finding their recovery to look into Ashwood.

Deanna Lynn, 2 years ago

Ashwood Recovery has been awesome in helping me in my recovery. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Processing groups is awesome.

Rich Reupena, 2 years ago

Ashwood Recovery assisted me with discovering a life free from addiction The atmosphere is very welcoming and friendly. I felt everyone on the staff was committed to do any thing they could to help me in my journey. They worked with me and helped me uncover and admit some of my inner most fears and demons, in a safe non judgmental environment. They gave me knowledge of the chemistry and science behind addiction. Ashwood helped me gain the tools, confidence, and attitude to begin my sober life and actually like the person I see when I look in the mirror today.

Ezequiel Johnson, 2 years ago

Great people. Very professional but also relatable. They have been super helpful and supportive for me to reach your best.

Traven McKnight, 2 years ago

This place changed my life. I came here straight from the hospital and it was the best decision I ever made. I have learned and continue to learn amazing skills to help me be the best person I can be. I feel better now than I have at any point in my life in the last 20 years.

Scott Henley, 2 years ago

I have never felt better! Ashwood has truly helped me become the best me possible. The staff here is surely not here just for a paycheck, they all genuinely care about their clients and their success. Thank you Ashwood!

Hope Eskridge, 2 years ago

Ashwood Recovery is where I’m at after a 28 day Recovery at North Point. I’m learning so much about my recovery and I owe my sobriety to them. I would highly recommend this recovery center to anyone suffering with the disease of addiction.

Catharine Carter, 2 years ago

Ashwood is beyond amazing! I went to one other outpatient treatment in the Boise area and everything and everyone there was lackluster. Ashwood makes sure to teach about the addiction model, helps you build a good peer support system and have counselors that genuinely care about you. The alumni activities are lit. The staff is lit. And I'm lit on recovery.

Christian Tovar, 2 years ago

Solid team here at Ashwood. Reliable staff...All very kind and polite. I feel comfortable around them and I also feel comfortable sharing personal information with them. They have financial assistance for some cost so if you are stuck in addiction please come in for a visit.

KKEVIN Giles, 2 years ago

Ashwood Recovery located in picturesque Boise, Idaho may offer the treatment necessary for a successful recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

The main goal of a treatment facility is to help addicts overcome their reliance on addictive substances so that they can lead a life that is drug and alcohol-free. Compassionate and caring staff members at rehabilitation facilities can provide addicts the courage and guidance needed in order to overcome addiction.

When addicts attend a treatment facility, there will be various treatment techniques used in order to rid the substance of abuse out of the individual. Treatment can last anywhere from 30-days to 90-days depending on the severity of the addiction.

At Ashwood Recovery, patients will go through intense addiction treatment and will be accompanied by professional addiction counselors every step of the way. Recovery is always possible and when treatment is combined with proper guidance, support, and empathy, rebounding from drug and alcohol dependency is attainable.

Through providing patients with the tools and resources required in order to obtain long-lasting sobriety, addicts will feel more encouraged throughout the duration of recovery. The proven treatments are designed with the patient in mind and will always be tailored to the uniqueness of the addict. Every addiction is different, just like every addict is different, and at Ashwood Recovery, unique recovery plans will better assist addicts in overcoming addiction.

Despite the strong hold that addiction has on an individual, everyone is capable of regaining control once again through the help of treatment. At Ashwood Recovery, the betterment of the addict is a priority and those who attend treatment at Ashwood Recovery will always be put first.

It’s never too late to seek treatment. Ashwood Recovery works with many insurance companies as well, making payment options seamless and straightforward. An addiction counselor will be available to speak with patients about how to go about paying for treatment. Addiction will never get better over time. In fact, it is a progressive disease which means it will only get worse.

The time to get help is now. Contact Ashwood Recovery at www.Ashwoodrecovery.Com today and find out how addiction treatment can help.

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