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Northwest Community Healthcare Behavioral Health

Northwest Community Healthcare Behavioral Health is located in Arlington Heights, Illinois.
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Google Reviews

They saved my life and I have to assume the bad reviews on here are from people who had not yet hit bottom and were in complete denial. The staff are amazing. They care. They work a thankless job, which is obvious from these reviews. Karolina and her yoga provided me with a level of spirituality I would never have found. Maria was tough and I did not like her at all during my stay, but at 2 years of sobriety now I am grateful for her and how she taught me that my disease makes it difficult for me to relate to people especially when I am so self centered by nature. The psychiatrist was insightful and did not push pills on me. The night staff amazing. The nurses kind and supportive. If you are serious about sobriety then this is the place you need to be. For the bad reviews, are you sober today? I will pray that you are. I will be forever grateful for the selfless service you provide on a daily basis and the new life you helped me build.

s, 1 year ago

Amazing job for my friend who really needs it #bestchristmaspresentEVER

Alyssa Jelley, 1 year ago

I’m so happy I found this place. Everyone is super friendly, knowledgeable, patient and organized- Hilary Knowles is the NP i see and she is amazing. Have nothing negative to say. The office is very clean and there is never a wait. I always get in at my schedulesd time. Keep up the great work

Kellie VanHuss, 1 year ago

I have been a patient of Doctor Ferber for the past 20 years. I have had certain serious medical issues for most of that time. I have yet to find a better Doctor or a better place to see him. NCH has been and continues to be the very best at all around medical care. I have found the people who surround him top notch. They are all friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I wouldn't want to go anyplace else. The very best care anywhere.

David Wisla, 1 year ago

I came to this hospital and was admitted. I came into the hospital with minor symptoms and the staff was very experienced in testing me. i was so scared, but the staff made me feel so welcomed. i will never forget my experience at this hospital, and the social workers was awesome. great doctors and nurses. they took really good care of me. ekg, ct scan, x-ray, lab work, ultrasound, etc. I had all work done and all the staff was great in each department. thank you.

Sandra Kolalou, 1 year ago

Their evening nurses and stuff are amazing! The group run by Dee and Ricky is pretty awesome. It was easy for me to talk to them knowing they are pretty friendly. My nurse, Jay, was awesome. All the group and all the support system helped me get through my tough time. Thank you for making it easy for me since it was my first time!

Rakshita J Patel, 1 year ago

The best thing about northwest community hospital is Dr.Springer ! She made my delivery go as smoothly as it could have gone. She was professional and friendly. I loved seeing her ever time.

Danielle Grosche, 1 year ago

I recently had a triple bypass at NCH and must admit I was impressed. From the moment we arrived we were treated very well by a well organized and well trained staff. Any surgery that starts with a circular saw cutting your chest open is not going to be particularly fun but the hospital did the best they could to take care of all my needs. Since my return home I have had perfect at-home nursing and Physical Therapy care.

Alan Sipe, 1 year ago

I feel that NCH is striving to achieve greatness. Not sure on modern advances, such as North shore regenerative cartlige and advance treatments. As far as my Doctors and specialists I am happy. They take the time to discuss and follow up. I love the my chart. It makes things easier. Everyone seems attentive and nice.

David Suter, 1 year ago

Nothing is in the for front of my mind other than June 18, 2013. Actually I should take you back three weeks to May 30, 2013. My husband Stuart and I were watching TV. I looked over at Stuart and he did not seem to be awake. I tried to wake him but I could not get any response. I knew he was still alive but just not responding. I called the paramedics who came very quickly. They also could not get a response out of him. They decided to take him to Northwest. In the emergency room they also could not get him to wake up. If any of these professionals would have read Stuarts "My Chart" for Stuart they would have been able to revive him quickly. They would not have come to the conclusion that he would die with in 2 to 3 hours if they did nothing from his cancer anyway, so let's do nothing. Just at that second our oncologist walked by the emergency area. He saw Stuart's name and inquired what was being done for his patient. When he found out nothing he went ballistic. He had ordered Stuart to get, tomorrow, a blood trans - fusion. Stuart was so anemic that he needed at least 3 bags to go him level. If anyone would have read his chart and given Stuart at least one bag of Blood he would have gotten up immediately. As it was, the hospital said he belonged in hospice, they stuck Stuart on the 9th floor and closed the door on Stuart's Life. I must say the hospital, the Doctors and Nurses are not the only ones to blame. I my self am just as much at fault. I did not ask enough questions. I rushed to judgment and took the advise of the Hospice nurse. What I should have done, in our case, once Stuart was stable was take him home to die. Not wait three weeks in a gray, hospital room.

Ilene Strauss, 2 years ago

Amazing! Dr. Volk is quick and efficient. He listens to your concerns and really actually cares about his patients. Beverly his nurse is amazing as well. I love going here and would never want a different doctor!

meghan weck, 2 years ago

It was a very rough day for me as a mother. My 16 year old daughter was having over dose reactions to some drugs she was using to self medicate. An underlying problem I had no knowledge about. The staff in the ER was a class act! Their compassion and helpfulness helped both my daughter and myself in a time of crisis. Then the ultrasound tech went above and beyond when my daughter started to ask her about her career choice. It was the first time I saw my daughter get into inquire and be curious about something with her future and this tech went above and beyond to answer her questions. Then when we arrived to the Pediatric unit they went above and beyond, even though my daughter needed a sitter, they didn't make her feel like she was being watched or that she did something wrong. Lastly the in patient program over at Behavioral health. They took a huge burden off me. Karen my daughters case manager is a saint! She definitely is underpaid, cause you truly can't put a price on her taken and knowledge of how to handle my daughter in this situation.

Amy Jo Badowski, 2 years ago

5+ stars for the adult residential program. Direct honest consistent message from all the staff! Totally understand there is not a magic cure! The person has to work it. Would like to recognize and thank Jenny case manager/social worker. And staff running the Saturday family group meeting. Thank you

jackie murauski, 2 years ago

I have been a patient of Doctor Ferber for the past 20 years. I have had certain serious medical issues for most of that time. I have yet to find a better Doctor or a better place to see him. NCH has been and continues to be the very best at all around medical care. I have found the people who surround him top notch. They are all friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I wouldn't want to go anyplace else. The very best care anywhere.

David Wisla, 2 years ago

I hurt my wrist, and needed to make sure it wasn't broken. I was dreading going to an emergency room and waiting forever. Just the opposite here! I was in and out in an hour. It wasn't broken, so no cast was required. The1y were so efficient and friendly.

Karen Barba, 2 years ago

Excellent care given to our mom who has Alzheimer's and now a broken hip. Everyone EVERYONE was kind and compassionate. Nurses, Dr's and staff never hesitated to answer all our family's questions and always asked if they could do anything more to help. Thank you NWCH.

Lory Burda, 2 years ago

Great experience.. I went into ER, I had to wait for a while though, but then they admitted me. I was treated very well, by all the doctors, all the staff and nurses. The nurses and staff were extremely helpful.

Shariq Rahman, 2 years ago

I had a severe emergency and was in the hospital for 4 days. The staff was very attentive & very friendly. The helpers in my room even wiped me down with body wipes while I was brushing my teeth. My two nurses every shift were all incredibly nice and personable. And, the food was pretty decent, and I got my choice of whatever I wanted.

Blythe Barny, 2 years ago

The Intensive Outpatient Program run by Dee and Ally, is exceptional! The staff is compassionate and professional. I was there for five weeks and I can honestly say that I am a changed woman and feel much better about myself. I learned many coping skills and plenty on building a good self-esteem. I can think clearly and see life better because of the caring staff and wonderful program. I recommend to anyone who is going through a tough time and is suffering with mental illness.

Stephanie P, 3 years ago

Northwest Community Healthcare Behavioral Health located in beautiful Arlington Heights, Illinois, can supply addicts with professional and effective addiction treatment options.

Whether an individual requires inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, or holistic treatment options, Northwest Community Healthcare Behavioral Health can help addicts obtain the goal of sustained sobriety. With experienced staff members, counselors, and addiction advisors, patients can rest assured that receiving professional care is something that is never compromised.

Northwest Community Healthcare Behavioral Health understands well that making the decision to attend treatment is very difficult. This, though, is the most vital step in the entire recovery process as it means the addict is mentally prepared to get better. This is an important aspect of the whole recovery process. Through consistent support, addicts will have the opportunity to get better when they attend treatment at Northwest Community Healthcare Behavioral Health.

Since no two addictions are alike, it’s important that treatment be as unique as the individual themselves. At Northwest Community Healthcare Behavioral Health, they understand that all addictions are different. Also discussed before treatment begins is the patient’s insurance coverage.

By identifying the root cause of the addiction at hand, psychologists, counselors, and advisors can better prescribe a treatment plan that can work for the individual. The core values that are held at Northwest Community Healthcare Behavioral Health are centered on striving to assist the addict every way possible in order to obtain long-lasting sobriety. Just as so many addicts have attended Northwest Community Healthcare Behavioral Health and succeeded in recovery, so can others.

Living a fulfilled life is possible with the help of a professional and tailor-made treatment plan. There is a happy life waiting outside the life of drug and alcohol abuse. It’s time to put addiction behind and start on a life that is content. This can only happen with the help of an addiction treatment facility.

Contact Northwest Community Healthcare Behavioral Health today at www.Nch.Org/services/mentalhealth and learn how a unique approach to treatment can help addicts regain control of everyday life. With the proper treatment plan in place, addicts can overcome their addiction and learn to live a sober life in as little as 30-days to 90-days.

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