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Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centers - Lake Villa

Google Rating: 3.4

Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centers - Lake Villa

Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centers - Lake Villa is located in Lake Villa, Illinois.
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Google Reviews

As a former patient of Gateway Inpatient Treatment, I would like to share a bit of my experience, strength and hope to hopefully help another addict have faith that Recovery is possible and worth it. I checked myself in voluntarily to Gateway on February 12, 2018 beat down, broken, scared to death, humiliated and at my rock bottom. I knew that "living" the way I was that I would either end up hospitalized, in jail or dead. Treatment was my last option and I can testify that Gateway helped save my life! This was my first time in treatment and away from my children which I truly struggled with but the counselors continued to ensure me that when I completed and kept on the right path, that my children would finally have their mother in a healthy place mentally, spiritually and physically. They were absolutely right and they loved me until I began to learn how to love myself. I went in to treatment admitting I was powerless of drugs and alcohol but that doesn't have to be the case for everyone to be successful. I have learned that every addict is different and we all have our own recovery which we work at a pace that keeps us clean and sober individually. After 38 days in treatment, I completed the inpatient program and began my new life in the outside world. I did start receiving Vivitrol shots which helped with my cravings for 6 months into my recovery which I highly suggest for alcoholics and opiate addicts. I also immediately began Outpatient treatment with Gateway and was able to complete that program as well. Outpatient treatment helped me to slowly adjust to the triggers and reality that just because I am clean and sober doesn't mean that life stops. It taught me how to handle real life situations without having to use drugs and alcohol. It also helped me rebuild a new circle of people who were just like me since I had to change people, places and things in order to remain on my new path. I would suggest inpatient and outpatient treatment to any addict/alcoholic who is suffering because it truly helped my save my life, purge the fears I held so deep inside me that kept me sick, learn how to handle situations differently, be a better mother, daughter and friend and have faith in a power greater than myself. Thank you Gateway for loving me until I learned how to love myself. You helped me start living life on life's terms which has allowed me to recently receive my 6 month coin!!

Nicole Davis, 1 year ago

Ever since I was here a few months ago, I have been on a better life path. They teach you so much about coping and life skills, plus the reason you think the way you do. No judgment at all towards anyone and they are all really engaged with the people they help. I would recommend anyone to this place. They cares so much about everyone and how they can do whatever it took to help change your life.

Zak Kasprzycki, 2 years ago

31 days there for treatment and I"m confident in my recovery thanks to first, my counselor Nancy who was amazing working with me and my family, second Ken (staff on duty) for replacing bad habits with positive structure, third Benny & Trish for being there when needed, fourth Ryan and Kassie along with Nancy for leading amazing groups and last but not least Barb for doing a killer job with insurance. Another awesome part of this location is the recreational therapy (weights, volleyball, basketball, etc,) daily to build positive addictions. Moving forward success at Gateway-Lake Villa and recovery after is determined by what I put into it. If you go to Gateway listen, take part and stay until treatment is complete (28 days).

Corin Martens, 2 years ago

I absolutely love gateway. Their program and their staff saved my life. Such a beautiful campus.

Audrey Carter, 2 years ago

Gateway gave me my life back. The couselors were tough but compassionate. The recovery tools I received has sustained me. I still communicate with my counselor. It has been eighteen years of living a clean and sober life. Thanks Gateway!!!

Yvette Camper, 3 years ago

My brother went voluntarily into the way out program. I met with his counselor who is very processional and cared about healing our family ties. My brother has been in many treatment facilities before but he commented that this is "real treatment." They only share a room with one other person, have their own bathroom, and attend classes all day long keeping the day full. They offer family counseling as well. You can also come ams check yourself in if you need help right then and there. Thank you Gateway for giving my brother a much better experience.

Jenny Rice, 3 years ago

  • 25480 W. CEDARCREST LN B DORMITORY, Lake Villa, Illinois 60046
  • 8473568206

Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centers - Lake Villa located in beautiful Lake Villa, Illinois, can supply addicts with professional and effective addiction treatment options.

Whether an individual requires inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, or holistic treatment options, Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centers - Lake Villa can help addicts obtain the goal of sustained sobriety. With experienced staff members, counselors, and addiction advisors, patients can rest assured that receiving professional care is something that is never compromised.

Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centers - Lake Villa understands well that making the decision to attend treatment is very difficult. This, though, is the most vital step in the entire recovery process as it means the addict is mentally prepared to get better. This is an important aspect of the whole recovery process. Through consistent support, addicts will have the opportunity to get better when they attend treatment at Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centers - Lake Villa.

Since no two addictions are alike, it’s important that treatment be as unique as the individual themselves. At Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centers - Lake Villa, they understand that all addictions are different. Also discussed before treatment begins is the patient’s insurance coverage.

By identifying the root cause of the addiction at hand, psychologists, counselors, and advisors can better prescribe a treatment plan that can work for the individual. The core values that are held at Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centers - Lake Villa are centered on striving to assist the addict every way possible in order to obtain long-lasting sobriety. Just as so many addicts have attended Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centers - Lake Villa and succeeded in recovery, so can others.

Living a fulfilled life is possible with the help of a professional and tailor-made treatment plan. There is a happy life waiting outside the life of drug and alcohol abuse. It’s time to put addiction behind and start on a life that is content. This can only happen with the help of an addiction treatment facility.

With the proper treatment plan in place, addicts can overcome their addiction and learn to live a sober life in as little as 30-days to 90-days.

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