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Ketamine Side Effects

Even though a drug serves a medical purpose, it can still be used and abused, leaving behind broken people and broken families. Ketamine is the perfect example of this phenomenon. While it is often used by veterinarians and doctors to act as an analgesic, when used incorrectly, it can create a host of problems. When it comes to ketamine abuse, side effects can be present in both the short and long terms. If someone you love has a problem with ketamine, it's important to get help now.

BetterAddictionCare works with clients nationwide to find the right treatment options for each person, and we can help you start healing from ketamine addiction. From inpatient care to addiction counseling, our pre-screening process gives you the information necessary to decide which route will be best for you. Our recovery network includes locations near you that are accepting new patients right away. Call today and speak with a counselor to get started. Our services are 100% confidential, so you can feel confident that your privacy will be protected.

When it comes to ketamine abuse, side effects often begin to occur within 30 seconds after it is injected into the body. If the ketamine is taken as a pill or smoked, it can take several minutes for the effects to start. Users begin to feel relaxed, with many describing the experience as a buzz for the entire body. Hallucinating is also common. The more you take, the more intense the effects will be. Also, because the doses aren't regulated, overdosing is possible.

In addition to the immediate side effects that a user experiences, there are several long-term effects. Ketamine abuse can result in:

The side effects of ketamine tend to vary from person to person. One particularly dangerous effect you or a loved one could experience is a lack of pain perception when taking the drug, which is also known as Special K. Some people even experience paralysis, leading ketamine to be considered a date rape drug. These types of situations put a user at risk in multiple ways, and the results could be fatal. Still, the high that comes from ketamine is enough to cause a person to revisit it over and over again, leading to addiction.

With the high probability of long-term effects, ketamine abuse is risky. But you don't need to continue down the same path. Instead, fill out our contact form and let BetterAddictionCare find the individualized treatment that you need to start healing. Our highly trained staff members understand the predicament you're in and can coordinate with your private insurance to find cost-effective treatment options. We can even give you more information on alternative rehab programs that offer unique amenities for patients. Don't wait to start healing: Call today.

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