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Klonopin Withdrawal

Every year, nearly 30 million Americans receive a prescription for Klonopin in order to treat seizures or anxiety. Unfortunately, while Klonopin is successful in treating these conditions, it is also highly addictive. When people find that they are abusing Klonopin, they are often motivated to pursue addiction recovery. Some may even try to quit cold turkey. Given that many Klonopin withdrawal symptoms can put you in great danger, however, pursuing recovery without medical supervision is not advisable.

Klonopin Withdrawal

As with other medications that are used to treat psychological conditions, Klonopin can cause actual changes in the chemical makeup of your brain. Thus, when your body is undergoing withdrawal from Klonopin, it can suffer much discomfort and even harm. The body has been accustomed to functioning on Klonopin and thus must readjust to life without it. Medically supervised Klonopin withdrawal treatment helps make the recovery process safer and more comfortable.

Klonopin withdrawal symptoms are particularly dangerous if you are already suffering from another condition. For example, if you have a heart problem, you should be concerned about unsupervised withdrawal because quitting Klonopin cold turkey can lead to irregular heart rhythms and higher blood pressure. You might also experience seizures during withdrawal from Klonopin that can put you at risk for injury to yourself. Other symptoms, such as nausea, may not be life-threatening, but they can be quite uncomfortable and hamper your recovery when you do not have anyone watching over you during your efforts to kick the habit.

During medically supervised Klonopin withdrawal treatment, users are slowly weaned off of the drug so that their bodies have time to adjust. They can be supervised and treated for any life-threatening reactions to withdrawal immediately. Furthermore, professional supervision in an individualized treatment program allows doctors to monitor you for depression, anxiety, panic, confusion, and other similar Klonopin withdrawal symptoms that may arise. It just isn't worth it to attempt recovery on your own, not when you consider the dangers of Klonopin withdrawal and the nationwide availability of cost-effective addiction recovery programs.

Safe Klonopin Recovery

The best place to be during withdrawal from Klonopin is in one of the many accredited traditional or alternative rehab programs available today. At BetterAddictionCare, we specialize in helping people find the right program for them. Our recovery network includes providers that can customize an addiction counseling plan just for you. Get help now when you fill out our contact form or call today.

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