A Healthy Healing Environment in Herald, California

Herald, California is a town in Sacramento County with a small population of over 1,000. Visitors and temporary residents of Herald will be comforted by its rural feel, so different from that of California’s highly urbanized areas. Among the things Herald is known for are its friendly retiree population, excellent education system, and affordable housing. But it also has adequate infrastructure and human resources to deliver the kind of specialized care that a recovering alcoholic or drug user needs. Rest assured that if you are in Herald, California, seeking respite, you’ll encounter everything you need for a holistic recovery.

Treatment Options and Support Available in Herald, CA

As you’ll notice here on Better Addiction Care, we have updated listings on where to go in Herald, CA, for alcohol or drug addiction treatment. It’s in these facilities that you can get your condition assessed, undergo a medically supervised detox, and get either individual or group counseling. You can also get support from a Herald-based chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. Gather their contact details from Better Addiction Care, give them a call, and let the Herald, CA community be part of your recovery story.

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Rehab and Treatment Centers in Herald, California

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Palm Tree Ranch
12370 Clay Station Road, Herald, California, 95638
River City Recovery Center
12490 Alta Mesa Road, Herald, California, 95638

Anonymous Meetings in Herald, California

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