Going to rehab can be a life-changing decision for those who are ready to get help now and start healing. For residents of California, a Long Beach rehabilitation center can offer a safe place to start over. When it comes to rehab, Long Beach, CA, is a beautiful place to get sober, and we can help you take the first step on your journey to addiction recovery. BetterAddictionCare works with a nationwide recovery network that includes several facilities in and around this part of California. There are centers throughout the area that are accepting new patients right away, and we can help you choose the right one for your unique needs. Fill out our contact form to learn more about customized drug and alcohol treatment at a Long Beach rehab center near you.

As things begin to deteriorate in the lives of addicts, it becomes obvious that it’s time to head to rehab. Within a Long Beach rehabilitation center, you can find all sorts of resources, including addiction counseling and highly trained professionals to help you make a real change. Our pre-screening process allows us to get to know what you need, making it possible to match you with the best facility for you.

As you head into rehab, Long Beach, CA, will be the place where everything changes for you. Starting with detox, you can get the substances that have been holding you back out of your system. This sets the stage for the future work that you can accomplish. And getting customized treatment can be affordable: We’ll work with you to find cost-effective care, coordinating with your private insurance to help cover some of the expenses.

In 1933, Long Beach experienced an earthquake that shook buildings and left a mess in its wake. From there, new regulations were put in place to ensure that buildings had both a strong foundation and a strong support system to keep them standing tall. In the same way, it’s important that you find the foundation and the support that you need to make a change and stand strong in your new life. Addiction may have devastated your life, but there is hope: You can rebuild it with the help of individualized addiction treatment.

Are you ready to get started with a Long Beach rehab center? Call today and speak with a counselor. We can help you find the right rehabilitation center and make the necessary arrangements. Whether you live in Long Beach or you want to head to the area for inpatient treatment, you can count on our client care specialists to help you get started right away.

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Rehab and Treatment Centers in Long Beach, California

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American Indian Changing Spirits
2120 West Williams Street Building 1, Long Beach, California, 90810
Atlantic Alano Club
1409 East 4th Street, Long Beach, California, 90802
Behavioral Health Services Redgate Memorial Rec...
1775 Chestnut Avenue, Long Beach, California, 90813
Cambodian Association of America
2501 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, California, 90806
Chapman House
834 PACIFIC AVENUE, Long Beach, California, 90813
Choices Recovery Services
1601 East 10th Street, Long Beach, California, 90813
Circle of Friends
2429 Pacific Avenue, Long Beach, California, 90806
Country Villa Bay Vista Healthcare
5901 Downey Avenue, Long Beach, California, 90805
Doctor Sober
386 Long Beach Bikeway Route 18, Long Beach, California, 90803
2211 PALO VERDE AVENUE, Long Beach, California, 90815
Flossie Lewis Recovery Center
341 EAST 6TH STREET, Long Beach, California, 90802
G B Medical Services
3505 Long Beach Boulevard, Long Beach, California, 90807
Get Off Drugs Mens Home
515 East 55th Street, Long Beach, California, 90805
Get Off Drugs/Mens Home Rehabilitation I
515 East 55th Street, Long Beach, California, 90805
Glorious Manor II
2703 East 7th Street, Long Beach, California, 90804
Glorious Manor II
2703 East 7th Street, Long Beach, California, 90804
Harbour Area Halfway Houses
940 DAWSON AVENUE, Long Beach, California, 90804
Hoffman House Sober Living
912 Hoffman Avenue, Long Beach, California, 90813
Hope's Landing
Long Beach, California, 90808
4201 LONG BEACH BOULEVARD, Long Beach, California, 90807

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