The Best Respite from Addiction in Torrance, California

Torrance is located within the South Bay of the LA metropolitan area. As per its motto, it is “A Balanced City” where residents enjoy nature, culture, and technological advancement. Though considered a high-tech city, it also has as many as 30 city parks and 90,000 street trees planted. It also values culture, heritage, and the arts. Last but definitely not least among the things that set Torrance, California, apart are its low crime rate. This peaceful, safe, and yet fast-paced environment provides a great balance for someone reeling from an addiction. Being in Torrance, CA will set a great pace for addiction treatment and reintegration into ordinary life.

Addiction Treatment, Rehabilitation, and Support in Torrance, CA

Someone combating drug or alcohol addiction will be able to seek quality inpatient or outpatient treatment in a Torrance, CA, rehabilitation center. Beyond treatment, one can also attend a local chapter of the 12-step self-help groups Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. These chapters are hosted by both faith-based and secular organizations. You’ll find essential info, like each facility’s address and contact number, on Better Addiction Care’s Network. Jumpstart your recovery in the haven that’s Torrance, California and get in touch with a rehab center or support group today.

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Rehab and Treatment Centers in Torrance, California

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1736 Family Crisis
21707 HAWTHORNE BOULEVARD, Torrance, California, 90503
Allied Medical Services
21527 Berendo Avenue, Torrance, California, 90502
Del Amo Behavioral Health System
23700 Camino Del Sol, Torrance, California, 90505
Driver Benefits
2370 West Carson Street, Torrance, California, 90501
22330 HAWTHORNE BOULEVARD, Torrance, California, 90505
Options for Recovery
1124 West Carson Street Building N-33, Torrance, California, 90502
Progress House
1409 Marcelina Avenue, Torrance, California, 90501
Renaissance SLA
19401 South Vermont Avenue, Torrance, California, 90502
South Bay Drug Abuse Coalition
2370 West Carson Street, Torrance, California, 90501
Thelma McMillen Center
3333 Skypark Drive Suite 200, Torrance, California, 90505
Twin Town Treatment Centers - Torrance
20300 S Vermont, Torrance, California, 90502

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