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The science of pain management continues to advance, and the result has been several drugs that can help patients deal with after-surgery pain as well as pain related to chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia. One of these drugs is Lortab, which, like several other pain medications, combines hydrocodone with acetaminophen in order to provide effective pain relief. But like with other similar medications, there are several side effects of Lortab that people on the drug experience. In cases of addiction, these side effects can be exacerbated, which makes it important to seek professional addiction recovery and rehab services before your health is permanently damaged.

Pleasant Side Effects

People become addicted to Lortab because it actually has many side effects that those who take the medication find pleasurable. For example, the drug helps alleviate pain, but Lortab side effects also include a feeling of pleasure or euphoria. The drug gives a high to users, especially those who have become addicted to it. Thus, many people continue on the drug because of its pleasant side effects. Lortab has many unpleasant side effects as well, though, and these that can cause great harm to the human body when the drug becomes addictive.

Unpleasant Side Effects

Lortab side effects include such things as dry mouth, drowsiness, and nausea. As a consequence, part of what happens in addiction counseling and treatment involves the use of medications and talk therapy to help make people more comfortable and assist them in dealing with these unpleasant side effects. Some people on Lortab become bruised more easily or experience more bleeding than normal when they have a cut or a scrape. These side effects are rarely life-threatening, but there are other side effects of Lortab that are more concerning. Individuals who have become addicted to the drug may experience a slower heart rate and shallow breathing. These side effects are dangerous, and those who take Lortab with another depressant, such as alcohol, are at particular risk of death related to these side effects. Lortab addiction, then, is nothing to take lightly. One’s life may very well hinge on overcoming the addiction.

Help Is Here

If you are an addict and tired of the many unpleasant Lortab side effects, individualized treatment in an addiction recovery program may be the best option for you. The accredited providers in our network are accepting new patients, and they serve clients both affordably and confidentially. Fill out our contact form or call today to speak with a counselor who can help you find treatment for the side effects of Lortab addiction. We are waiting to help you get sober under the supervision of highly trained professionals.

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