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When addicts are being weaned off of a drug, their bodies react in different ways in order to adjust to life without the drug. The process of adjustment, also known as withdrawal, is often unpleasant, which prompts many people to seek professional help in managing their addiction recovery. Withdrawal is a reality for all addicts, even those who have become addicted to a prescription pain medication such as Lortab, which combines hydrocodone and acetaminophen in one drug. Gaining a better understanding of what withdrawal from Lortab is like will illustrate why addiction counseling and treatment is so vital.

The Intensity of Withdrawal

Individuals who are seeking Lortab withdrawal help should first of all understand that the intensity of their withdrawal will depend on how much Lortab they have taken and how long they have been taking it. Chemically speaking, all traces of Lortab are pretty much gone from an individual’s system within 24 hours of taking the last dose of the drug. The withdrawal symptoms usually kick in after that because it is only once the drug is gone that the body really has a chance to respond drastically to the drug’s absence. The symptoms of withdrawal from Lortab can then last up to several weeks if the amount of Lortab consumed was high. To minimize these effects and their duration, many addiction recovery providers slowly taper recovering addicts off of Lortab instead of stopping the medicine all at once.

Symptoms and Their Treatment

Lortab withdrawal has a physiological and a psychological side. Many people experience heightened anxiety or depression, which makes it particularly important that addicts get Lortab withdrawal help from a center that offers highly trained medical supervision. Recovering addicts can be treated with other medications to ease these conditions, and addicts are monitored in a safe setting to make sure they do not hurt themselves or others. Physiological symptoms of withdrawal from Lortab include nausea, vomiting, chills, aches, and diarrhea. Much of the treatment you will receive in an accredited treatment facility will focus on making you as comfortable as possible so that these symptoms are minimized or even prevented.

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If you are suffering from Lortab addiction, BetterAddictionCare can help you find the Lortab withdrawal help you need to get sober. Our recovery network includes cost-effective providers near you who can work with your specific circumstances so that you can start healing. Our counselors are standing by to help match you with the right treatment solution for your needs. Fill out our contact form or call today to learn more about how we can assist you in getting customized treatment for your addiction.

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