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Clara's House

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Clara's House

Clara's House is located in Saint Cloud, Minnesota.
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Jill Schut, 1 year ago

Treatment Center For Adolescent Mental Health. Very caring staff, accessible facility, and beautiful grounds.

Jenna Berger, 2 years ago

Sheila B., 3 years ago

My name is Deidre Mason,my daughter,age 15,as of two days ago,on august 2016 became an inpatient client at Claras house,the intake procedure I really believe could use more than a few changes and suggestions,it is a very nervwrecking experience beyond the norm.I am a mother,but also have been an addict and recieved care in both mental health,and chemical health care more than a few times,from adolecence on up through my early thirties,however,I have also had a year or more studies in child psych.,general psych.,drugs and health courses,and philosophy(problem solving),and to add American sign language,sociology,and Eng.111 112,generals.I have worked as a substitute teacher in chisago county,North Branch Schools,working with children with different levels of autism,It was a wonderful experience.What I'm getting at through this intro.,is that the programming here,right from the beggining,was very uncomfortable,fearfull,dull,confusing,and i realize,coming to a new facility and leaving your child with strangers will have that impact,but its much more than that,I feel there was no enlightenment,the welcoming was depressing,it was as if we were numbers versus humanity,I couldnt tell if the staff persons were real or just robots,when my daughter broke out in tears,where was the reasurring warmth your video so called promised we would feel,all we got was a dead stare and handed more papers to sign as if we were on a mission to just focus on it,I felt no spiritual guidaince ,none whatsoever,and you say you run a twelve step into claras house routine,well I would probably opt out.NO way.My daughter and im sure many patients who have walked through those doors had no trust with anyone after the three hr. Intake.I was sad,and really insecure about the care my daughter would recieve after walking out the doors,I was sick with worry,and it was to the point I have to second guess my own emotions,well It shouldnt go that far,there is definitly something wrong with the programming in the beginning.You know what they say about first impressions.Please take this seriously,the children ARE our future,discipline AND nurturing should be hand in hand from the start.These children need hope and compassion from the moment those doors open.I hope its soon.

harley quinn, 3 years ago

Clara's House is a reputable and accredited addiction treatment facility in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. The goal of Clara's House is to change the life of an addict for the better by giving the proper guidance and treatment methods required for a successful recovery.

Treating addictions, whether to drugs or alcohol, requires conducting a thorough patient assessment in order to determine what sort of treatment program will benefit the patient the most. Constructing a future that is free of alcohol and drug use begins with a solid foundation and that foundation can be found at Clara's House.

After meeting with an addiction counselor, the patient will get a customized treatment plan just for them and their unique case.

By developing coping mechanisms throughout treatment, patients can reenter society feeling confident and assured which is essential when wanting to maintain long-lasting sobriety. Accomplishing the end goal of obtaining sustained sobriety is possible with the help of professional treatment.

The disease of addiction is a serious one and one that requires intense treatment in order to overcome. By providing the support and guidance needed as well as providing comprehensive treatment, patients will have the opportunity to begin a new more promising life path. There is a life beyond substance abuse, but it takes the help of professional addiction treatment in order to discover that new life.

It’s never too late to attend treatment. Whether the patient has been an addict for one year or five years, the addiction counselors at Clara's House can help. With innovative treatment options available to patients, the chances of recovering from drug and alcohol addiction are likely, but it also requires the dedication and positive mindset of the individual in order to obtain long-lasting recovery.

At Clara's House, quality treatment is never compromised. With the guidance and support of compassionate staff members, patients will feel content when they enter treatment at Clara's House.It’s time to take control of the life being lived and seeking treatment is the best decision to take.

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