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Pathways Community Behavioral

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Pathways Community Behavioral is located in Columbia, Missouri.
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Google Reviews

Delicious Imos pizza! Pretty typical looking dining room.

Libby Andreas, 2 years ago

I love Imo's pizza. I don't get to have it very often. But get it when I can.

Janie Creason, 2 years ago

Great service and excellent pizza! Worth the price, but it is a bit high.

Tracy Massa, 2 years ago

Pizza tasted great, and the fries were wonderful! very thin, crispy crust, and im not sure if its exclusive to the 16 inch that i ordered but it was cut into squares as well. Fries were seasoned and very thick, fried in a way that still lets you taste the potato and not just the frying grease.

Alice Taylor, 2 years ago

I love the direction this is going. It's great to see MACC there and doing so well. I visited tons of great little shops and it was amazing some of the hidden gems. I wish there was a coffee shop but at least there are decent food options

Sage Izadi, 2 years ago

Very clean and variety of services. Easy in an out. Great burger joint next door!

N8 R, 2 years ago

The parkade center is an old mall that has a variety of shops. It is by no standard large and you won't find any large retail stores inside. Mostly it is a place of small businesses and a few restaurants (a sub shop and a restaurant that makes very good East Asian cuisine). Around the outskirts of the mall are a few stores like H&R block, a martial arts dojo, and a hardware store.

Rachael Sherman, 2 years ago

Parkade Plaza is a strip mall establishment. It has a variety of different types of stores including grocery store and Harbor Freight Tools as well as Boone Hospital Quick Care Center. It's located downtown on the Business Loop which isn't always the easiest to find what you're looking for but there are plenty of places to park with handicap accessibility

Wendy Lochrie, 2 years ago

This is the best Korean food I have had in the Midwest. I loved coming here to eat when I lived in Columbia. I would highly recommend coming here. You will not leave hungry either. The portions you get for the price, plus the quality is more than worth the value.

Matthew Bartlett, 2 years ago

It's definitely one of the best (and only) options for Korean food in Columbia. It has great service; it only takes them about 10-15 minutes to bring out your food after you order. Unfortunately, the quality of the food is fairly lackluster. All of their fish dishes are incredibly tough and overcooked, especially the smoked eel and the soups. Their raw vegetables were not particularly fresh, and their noodles felt like they had been sitting out for hours (the textures had become gummy). Perhaps the most disappointing part was the kimchi...I've never seen a Korean restaurant that can't properly cook kimchi. It hasn't been given enough time to develop. There wasn't any fermentation yet; it was just raw, spicy napa cabbage. All in all, service is great and the prices are reasonable. But although it's the only Korean restaurant in the area, Kojaba's food was unfortunately a bit disappointing.

Sonya Hu, 2 years ago

I have been invited to a few events, held at the Parkade Center, over the last few months. I have to say I was impressed by the professionalism and the presentation of both events. They really know what they are doing.

Buck Shearouse, 2 years ago

Excellent but drivers do not heed parking spaces. Driving willy-nilly through the parking lot. Almost got hit.

Karla Tberry, 2 years ago

This place is awesome! The people there are so friendly and helpful. Would highly recommend.

Cody Kad, 2 years ago

The food is amazing and the staff is friendly. I have enjoyed everything I've ordered there and I've been there about a dozen times or more.

Earthneeds Lovekindness, 2 years ago

Great food and great service! Spicy pork is a fantastic choice.

Rebekah Holtsclaw, 3 years ago

I went for a Harbor Freight Tools. Easily located at the mall. Easy parking. Good bathrooms. Easy to get around, the mall is not over-sized so everything is convenient. They have a little bit of it just about everything you need. I go there all the time. Give it a try.

Seth Gordon, 3 years ago

A little small insode, but the atmosphere is wonderful and the food even better! Mostly spicy options, but you can ask for it less so - either way it comes out delicious. Suggestions are the pancakes amd ramen, companions ordered the teriyaki beef and salmon and they cleaned their bowls! Will happily return.

Jesika Myers, 3 years ago

Nice clean place with good friendly staff. The best imos iv ever had came from here.

Steven Melton, 3 years ago

Pizza was delicious. Lots of melty cheese. Plenty of toppings The staff were very friendly. I would recommend it.

J Bo, 3 years ago

The food was great as always, service not so much.. The brunette girl with the bun was outside on her phone when we pulled up and by the time we came in she was there to take our order but was completely rude, didn't care to explain the buffet and when we asked what kind of pizzas are on the buffet she shrugged her shoulders and said she didn't know. Her attitude was unacceptable and we would have left but we LOVE Imos and don't have it where we live. Also, as we were leaving she was again outside on her phone - we were there less than 45 minutes. This girl clearly does not take her job seriously nor does she have the people skills necessary to work in the service industry.

Rochelle Turner, 3 years ago

Pathways Community Behavioral located in picturesque Columbia, Missouri may offer the treatment necessary for a successful recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

The main goal of a treatment facility is to help addicts overcome their reliance on addictive substances so that they can lead a life that is drug and alcohol-free. Compassionate and caring staff members at rehabilitation facilities can provide addicts the courage and guidance needed in order to overcome addiction.

When addicts attend a treatment facility, there will be various treatment techniques used in order to rid the substance of abuse out of the individual. Treatment can last anywhere from 30-days to 90-days depending on the severity of the addiction.

At Pathways Community Behavioral, patients will go through intense addiction treatment and will be accompanied by professional addiction counselors every step of the way. Recovery is always possible and when treatment is combined with proper guidance, support, and empathy, rebounding from drug and alcohol dependency is attainable.

Through providing patients with the tools and resources required in order to obtain long-lasting sobriety, addicts will feel more encouraged throughout the duration of recovery. The proven treatments are designed with the patient in mind and will always be tailored to the uniqueness of the addict. Every addiction is different, just like every addict is different, and at Pathways Community Behavioral, unique recovery plans will better assist addicts in overcoming addiction.

Despite the strong hold that addiction has on an individual, everyone is capable of regaining control once again through the help of treatment. At Pathways Community Behavioral, the betterment of the addict is a priority and those who attend treatment at Pathways Community Behavioral will always be put first.

It’s never too late to seek treatment. Pathways Community Behavioral works with many insurance companies as well, making payment options seamless and straightforward. An addiction counselor will be available to speak with patients about how to go about paying for treatment. Addiction will never get better over time. In fact, it is a progressive disease which means it will only get worse.

The time to get help is now. Contact Pathways Community Behavioral at www.Pathwaysonline.Org today and find out how addiction treatment can help.

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