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Addiction Treatment and Rehab Facilities in NJ

Like the rest of the United States, the drug abuse and addiction epidemic in New Jersey (NJ) is showing signs that it will only get worse before it gets better. Each year, many thousands of New Jersey residents and visitors are admitted into emergency rooms for overdose treatment; overdoses that could have been avoided if the addicts had only checked into one of the many drug rehab centers in NJ. Sadly, for many who go in for an overdose, it is already too late. It is time to get help if you or someone you love is dealing with a drug addiction, and BetterAddictionCare can help you find the best drug or alcohol rehab in NJ for you.

Drugs in New Jersey

When it comes to drug addiction and treatment in New Jersey, heroin is of particular concern. Statistics taken from state government sources report that the death rate related to heroin use in New Jersey is three times the national average. Because of the danger inherent to heroin use, it is particularly important that you find addiction treatment at one of the many accredited rehabilitation centers in NJ that offer quality treatment through recognized traditional or alternative rehab programs. There are rehab facilities in NJ near you that offer inpatient and outpatient help privately and affordably.

We Can Help

Our nationwide recovery network includes some of the top addiction treatment centers in NJ. The providers with whom we match addicts specialize in drug and alcohol rehab. NJ addicts, therefore, can be sure that we will find a customized solution that can assist them where they are. The various drug treatment centers in NJ that we work with offer cost-effective treatment under medical supervision and patient information is always completely confidential, so you can focus on getting well and not on worrying about your reputation. In addition to medical treatment that will keep you safe and comfortable during recovery, the drug and alcohol rehab centers in NJ also provide addiction counseling in group and individualized settings. This counseling is essential when it comes to successful drug and alcohol rehab. NJ addicts should know that in this counseling they will learn better strategies for coping with life's difficulties that will help keep them from relapsing back into their addiction. Call today or fill out our contact form, and BetterAddictionCare will assist you in getting the drug treatment you have been searching for.

Temada Associate

984 Route 166 (Lakewood Road) Toms RiverNew Jersey  08753
Google Rating: 1

Oxford House South Toms River

51 Lakeview Dr Toms RiverNew Jersey  08757

Apa Hotel Woodbridge

120 S Wood Ave IselinNew Jersey  08830
Google Rating: 4

Rutgers University Psychology Department

152 Frelinghuysen Road PiscatawayNew Jersey  08854

Raritan Bay Medical Center: Emergency Room

500 Convery Blvd Perth AmboyNew Jersey  08861
Google Rating: 1

Fresh Start

445 Harding Rd South AmboyNew Jersey  08879

Strathmore Clinic

1 Lower Main Street South AmboyNew Jersey  08879
Google Rating: 4.1
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