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Pathways is located in Buffalo, New York.
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Google Reviews

Save my life if you're looking to really change your life around and get help this is a place

Dan K, 2 years ago

Great place nice counselors, the one thing I dont understand is why do they start u out at a low dose of 30 mg of methadone, and slowly raise it, I would have preferred to start at a Hugh dose so I was comfortable, and slowly went down, the point is to get off the drug, not to work my way into a new addiction. And I have been there 3 months and still only at 70mg, not enough to be comfortable. So I continue using when I feel the need. And every time I ask for a dose I.crease I get denied because I fail my drug test. Its a catch 22. If I could get my dose up to 100 I'd be able to stop using, and pass my tests. If I started at 100, I might have been able to ween myself down to almost nothing by now. Its all about profit, they need u to keep coming so they keep getting paid. They should start u high, ween u off and make room for the next person. I waited 7 months to get into the clinic after I got on the waiting list. To an addict 7 mi this is a lifetime. A lot can happen in that time, including death or jail which we all are doing our best to avoid. Its a great help the system needs work though

Distorted PlatniumVEVO, 2 years ago

This place has saved every single life that has come thru that door for help. Nothing is perfect about any medical office, especially drug treatment. I can guarantee you it is painless and life changing and I can guarantee you that you will enjoy pathways a lot more than whatever scumbag is selling u garbage fentanyl. Save yourself! Jesus bless this facility.

Joe Buck, 2 years ago

I feel very greatful for the opportunity to be a client of theres but it really really pissed me off when I was about to get my first 2 take outs and becuase alcohol showed on my urine tox now I have to start all over from scratch and they dropped my dose to which now I wake up during the middle of the night sick and withdrawling idk I've asked to get a dose increase and have been denied so as I see it I need to test positive for opiates they'll raise my dose totally ass. Backwards just saying.. Wondering if anyone else has been confronted anything similar? I

JayPay 99, 2 years ago

for the most part you can be In and out in under 30 minutes always sometimes 5.

Christy Duntley, 2 years ago

I'm thankful for having this place available to me but there are some issues that could be easily fixed. The place is very dirty and unsanitary. There are cigarettes butts that are all crowded by the front entrance and the bathrooms are horrible! My conselor, George is very attentive and helpful with me and knowledgeable about addiction... however they seem to be understaffed and need to communicate with other employees better.

April South, 2 years ago

I think for what this is, they do their best. Too many people forget where they are and take it out on staff when they can’t have their way in bending rules. I’m not sure why it’s labled a well ness program, it’s a clinic. It will improve the lives of those who TRULEY want it as long as you understand what it is and what your goal is for being there.

Chelsea viera, 2 years ago

Been going here for a few months and Kim is my counselor and I love this place it's helping me it's one of the best decisions I've made with my life in a long time and I do not regret doing what I'm doing now it's saved my life

Bill Mcc, 4 years ago


Evelyn Torres, 4 years ago

Excellent both caring and professional. Exactly what you should expect from a Catholic Charities partner. The doctor on staff is one of the best and he expects the same from his staff.

Dennis Sharpe, 6 years ago

At Pathways, located in scenic Buffalo, New York, individualized addiction treatment programs are aimed at fitting the specific requirements of the patient. With unique treatment plans that are tailor-made to suit the individual, addicts will have every opportunity to overcome their addiction.

Just before the patient begins treatment at Pathways, a comprehensive patient assessment will be conducted in order to determine which treatment method will work best. No matter what age group the individual belongs to, treatment is available to those of all ages . In order to obtain a life that is free of addiction, the addict has to be in the mindset of ‘recovery’. This means that the idea of sobriety is already planted in the individual’s mind and therefore will want to work toward achieving that goal.

The dedicated staff members at Pathways are committed to the recovery of the patient and will do everything in their power to help them throughout this trying time. Reaching personal life goals is possible but it requires the addict to kick the habit of abusing drugs and alcohol in order to obtain them. This is exactly why facilities for addiction treatment exist.

There is no reason that treatment shouldn’t begin today, so contact Pathways and discuss the various treatment options today. Breaking the cycle of addiction is difficult which is why treatment facilities are here to help. Typically speaking, addicts fail when it comes to seeking treatment on their own as not all facilities out there are as reputable as others. At Pathways, the staff is dedicated to helping their patients succeed in recovery. It’s never too late to seek help and assistance with drug or alcohol addiction.

Pathways strives to show addicts that there is a life outside of addiction and through treatment; Addicts will be able to take control of their lives. Patients are also urged to attend relapse prevention programs even after treatment is completed in order to mitigate the chances of relapse in the future.

The time to get help for addiction is now. Contact Pathways today at chsbuffalo.Org and learn how treatment can change life around for the better.

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