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An opiate addiction damages many parts of your life, from physical health and well-being to financial security and social connections. Opiate users who feel a strong desire to be freed from their reliance on the drug may not know where to go or what kind of help to seek, but we can help. BetterAddictionCare can provide a personalized pre-screening to help locate the best opiate rehab centers for every individual, nationwide. No matter how long you have abused opiates, opiate rehab is one of the most successful ways to kick the addiction for good.

What to Expect From an Opiate Rehab

Opiate rehabilitation includes all aspects of recovery, from medically supervised detoxification to individualized addiction counseling. Detox is a process in which the individual abstains from any further opiate use and may be administered specially selected drugs to help lessen the impact of symptoms of withdrawal. The detox can last anywhere from one week to one month, depending on how long opiates were used. After the detox or concurrently, the individual is introduced to addiction counseling to help them discover why they turned to opiates and how to regain control of their life and choices. These alternative rehab programs can be either inpatient or outpatient, depending on the needs and preferences of the client. After inpatient treatment, moving to a recovery residence can help people transition back into regular life again.

A Personal Experience, A Personal Choice

Attending rehab for opiate addiction is a personal decision and can be a valuable and insightful personal experience. Opiate rehab centers provide the foundation for a clean, fresh beginning. As such, clients should look for opiate rehabilitation that takes their personal history, preferences, and goals into account. The best opiate rehab centers will tailor their programs to meet the specific treatment needs of each client. Opiate rehab centers should be accredited and staffed by highly trained professionals, but they should also provide a safe and comfortable environment for addiction recovery.

How We Can Help

BetterAddictionCare’s recovery network is nationwide, so we can connect you with local opiate rehab centers, after-treatment support services, and addiction counseling near you. We also offer a customized pre-screening to help determine the best opiate rehab program for you. Committing to rehab for opiate addiction is one step closer to regaining the control and strength to pursue a healthy life and a happy future. Call today or fill out our contact form and we’ll help you speak with a counselor about a top rehabilitation center in your area. Our services are 100% confidential, and we’re happy to assist with transportation and insurance requirement coordination through our team of professional client care specialists. Start healing today with a safe, individualized rehab program. Let us help find the right one for you.

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